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Surviving Your First Winter in Denver

There is nothing like trying to survive your first winter in Denver if you are new to the state. Snow, wind chills, and what feels as if this weather has been going on for years will all be too familiar very soon. As a precaution to the winter season 2019, our local Denver movers have created a guide on what you can expect for winter in Denver and how you can prepare for it as well.

How to Survive Your First Winter in Denver

Warm clothing, a thermostat cranked all the way to high, and knowing just when you should embrace the outdoors are a few ways to survive your first winter. There is nothing that really can prepare someone for their first winter in Denver.

With proper clothing such as beanies, scarves, gloves, and jackets, you can protect your body from the harsh elements. You also want to make sure you are paying your utility bills. Temperatures here in Denver dip down real low and the wind chill adds even a bigger factor to the cold months. You want to make sure your heat is going to work well and if you can not afford a heating bill, investing in a heater is the next best thing.

Prepping Your Car for Winter

Most of Denver roads and highways are paved but getting a car with 4-wheel drive is still a great thing to have in case you get stuck. You want to get your car inspected in the months leading up to winter, so October through December is when one should be getting their car inspected. Surviving your first winter in Denver means paying closer attention to the little things:

•Windshield Wipers

•Heating/ Defroster

•Shovel/ Ice Pick

•Tire Tread/ Snow Tires

•Extra Gas

•Jumper Cables

These are a few things you want to talk to your local car technician about and always make sure you have on hand during the winter season. Don’t forget to switch to winter tires!

Always Having a Backup Plan

Surviving your first winter in Denver means having a backup plan in case you are travelling or have to evacuate. Of course, the evacuation is a worst-case scenario, it is still something a family or person should plan on. Such as where they will go and how they will get there. With the right backup plan and right information, your first winter in Denver won’t be as extreme as you are thinking. Just be prepared to face the changes and tackle them as they arrive.

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In the end, surviving your first winter in Denver won’t be as bad as one thinks it will be. Plus, Denver is known for a lot of winter sports. Now is the time to call our Denver movers and learn more about our moving company if you plan to relocate. Our full-service movers are available year-round, so do not hesitate and call today!

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