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7 Warning Signs of a Bad Moving Company

A successful moving experience requires communication, preparation, planning, teamwork and trust- all qualities that make up a great moving company like that of All My Sons Moving & Storage of Denver. It can be difficult to identify these qualities in other moving companies and determine if they are genuine. Our reputable Denver moving company has put together some tips on how to separate the best from the rest. Here are some early warning signs to look for when hiring a company for a move to Denver.


  1. Did the sales representative for the in-home appointment arrive on time? If they showed up late or gave an excuse as to why they had to change the date for the appointment, then cancel the appointment and do not use their services. A professional Denver moving company knows how important this appointment is and that it sets the foundation for the entire move. If they want your business, they will arrive on time or a few minutes early.

  2. When arriving for the in-home appointment, did the sales representative dress in a professional manner? Entering your personal space requires professionalism in all aspects, including wardrobe. If he or she arrives in a ratty t-shirt and dirty jeans, the respect flies out the window and so should your idea of hiring them.

  3. Did the sales representative answer all your questions? Do you understand the entire process and are you satisfied with the estimate? If you have a feeling of uncertainty and do not understand a part of the process, then speak up! And if you still have questions once you get an explanation from your representative, you may want to think twice about hiring them.

  4. At this point, if you have any unanswered questions, the best thing to do is call the customer service line main number. The employees that handle your call can help you realize the level of service that you can expect going forward with that particular Denver moving company.

  5. During the above call, ask what the wide degrees of variation between movers are. If the customer service representative cannot explain to you what the differences are, then it is a red flag!

  6. Steer away from any company that is not interested in reviewing an inventory list. The company needs to understand the scope of the job before accepting the business. You need to understand all details and requirements of the moving company, as well as the rights and responsibilities between you and the moving company. If they don’t explain this to you, that’s another red flag.

  7. Take a surprise visit to your Denver mover’s warehouse and/or office. This is the most important warning sign of all. You would be surprised at the many negatives you can find just by dropping in on your moving company. As a homeowner, you are putting your trust into the company and your possessions are being handled by their employees. A messy warehouse, parking lot, or office is highly negative and can reflect their performance. If they do not value their own work space, they will not value your possessions. Shy away from moving companies that are unorganized and consider using another company. Make sure your Denver movers have a physical location and are not rogue movers. It is always a good idea to check out the physical address listed on their site. If there is none, move on to a local moving company who has an address you can visit. 

Using this list of warning signs can ensure your move to Denver goes smoothly and you avoid a bad moving company. A stress free, trustworthy moving day is very important and you should expect the best when it comes to your local Denver movers.