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Make Your Rental Feel Like Home

Living in a rental can cause a feeling of disconnect to the property, but that doesn’t have to be the case. There is a way you can live happily in a rental and decorate to make it yours. Consider the following tips when it comes to personalizing your new home, and make it your own without making your landlord mad or risking your deposit. Enjoy your move to Denver!

Paint the walls your favorite colors

Every rental is different, and whether or not you’re allowed to paint the walls is up to your property manager, so check your lease or speak with your landlord directly. Take a trip to a hardware store so they can help you pick out the right type of paint for each room. Some landlords allow you to paint, but only certain, pre-approved colors, so don’t forget to get sign off on your selected shade. Also, keep in mind dark colors will be a lot of work to paint over when it is time to move out. Consider the lease length – will painting be more of a hassle than its worth?

Hang photos and artwork

Decorate your place with things you love. Just be prepared to buy some spackle to fill the holes once you are planning on painting the walls back and moving out. The bonus of using art as décor:

    Self expression- Make a statement with your taste in art or opt for photos of your family and friends.

    No damage- The only footprint is a small nail hole, and sometimes, lightweight pieces can even be hung using various sticky, adhesive products which leave no mark at all.

    Easy to change- Pictures and paintings are easily removable, allowing you to change them on a whim.

Add furniture and accents that fit your style

One of the easiest ways you can make your home your own is with accent pieces which are easily removable and rarely interfere with your rental contract.

    Area rugs- This accent will jazz up any room, softening hard wood or tile floors while providing an instant pop of color.

    Lighting- Use floor or table lamps to add diversity to your space.

    Wall decals- These are easily removable and are less controversial than painting.

    Tables- Coffee tables and end tables allow you to infuse your own personal style sense while making great, functional accent pieces.