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Steps to Reduce Your Packing Fees

Moving can be expensive. It doesn’t matter if the move is down the road or across state lines, things always add up in the end. Our Denver movers are all too familiar with the struggles of try to reduce packing fees. For this reason, our professionals are laying out this guide on how to reduce your packing fees in 2019.

Know Peak Season as a Starter

The first thing you want to do when it comes to moving on a budget is knowing when peak season is. Moving companies around the summer and holidays will always hike up the prices for their moving deals, meaning packing and shipping costs get bumped up. To reduce your packing fees, try to plan accordingly to that peak season. Aim for months that during the fall and away from the holidays. It also helps to move during a weekday compared to a weekend.

Hire a Professional Packing Service

Seems like a cliché, right? You are trying to reduce your packing fees, yet you are hiring a packing service. Well, the Denver packing service here at All My Sons Moving & Storage is an affordable plan that is right for you. Movers know what to pack and how to pack. In the end, they are the safest choice because you won't risk items breaking or getting crushed during the moving process. Plus, who actually enjoys packing? With the benefits of our full-service moving company, our movers will pack, unpack, assemble and disassemble any furniture that is needed.

Purge Your Closet to Save Space

Want to reduce your packing fees? Have less stuff to pack. With more items, this means more moving boxes to buy. Sort through your closet before you pack and really considered donating clothes you don’t wear anymore. Not only is this a good method to reduce your packing fees but with fewer items you are able to give yourself a fresh start in the new place. You can even make a buck or two if you have a yard sale! Sell those items you do not want and use that money you make towards moving.

Research Affordable Packing Supplies

Reduce your packing fees by doing the research beforehand. There are a lot of places that will either give your free moving boxes or place that will drastically reduce the packing fees. As a pro tip as well, you can always ask family, work, and friends for spare boxes. Many people move in their life and still have the boxes and tips to help you get through it.

If you are in need of an affordable moving company, here at All My Sons Moving & Storage our Denver packing supplies are affordable for all budgets. Reduce your packing fees and get the help you need when you call our Denver local movers.