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Reasons to Move to Denver

Denver is becoming a city of choice for Americans to call home. People living in Denver love it, and people who have family there, love to visit. So, what is all the hype about the Mile-High City? Our Denver local movers know a few reasons why moving to Denver might be the best decision you make, but take it from a Denver local instead. Holly Johnson, an interior designer and author of the blog Home with Holliday, says that “Living in Denver offers so many places to visit, enjoy, see, and do as a visitor or new resident!  Having 300 days of sun, the options are almost endless.  Whether you are into indoor activities or the great outdoors that we have here, there is something for everyone to do.  There is such a diversity of activities that cannot be offered in smaller some of the other smaller cities around Colorado.  Whatever style of living is important to you...you can find it here in Denver!”

Read on and by the end of this list, you will be browsing available Denver properties in no time.

Should I Move to Denver?

Still wondering if you would like living in Denver? The answer is yes. Our team of professionals have listed other attributes of Denver that just make it irresistible. From sports to views to food, there is nothing you will find in Denver to not love.

Living in Denver means great sports.
Denver has every major sports team— the Broncos play football, the Avalanche play hockey, the Nuggets play basketball, and the Rockies play baseball.

Living in Denver means great views and entertainment.
The Red Rocks Amphitheater is a prime venue for shows, musical acts, and more. The Red Rocks are a geological treasure and have been utilized in a way for residents to enjoy them in multiple ways.

The National Western Stock Show is held here every year in January. Come check out rodeos, livestock auctions, dancing horses, and much more at this event that takes place for two weeks in downtown Denver.

Living in Denver means great food.
Foodie? You will love Denver chili, which is crafted from Hatch Chilies from New Mexico. It is a unique and delicious taste that is a Colorado staple.

Living in Denver means opportunities for success.
Downtown Denver is a hub for work and play. Loft and apartment living are available for young professionals, and the nightlife downtown is pretty great—not to mention extremely walkable.

Living in Denver means a laidback lifestyle.
Local laidback bars like The Cherry Cricket make Denver unique. Cherry Creek North is a ritzy neighborhood that is home to this lowkey bar.  This down-to-earth, laid back bar and restaurant is a staple among Denver residents. Locals love the upside-down hockey rink that adorns the Cricket’s ceiling along with the solid food and beer menu.

Living in Denver means lots of biking.
Bike rentals are a huge thing. Denver B Cycle is a city-wide bike-sharing system. People can buy varying packages depending on their needs. Options include an annual pass, 30-day card, 7-day card or one that is good for just 24 hours—and stations are located all over Denver.

Living in Denver means exploring.
Money is made here—literally! Denver’s branch of the U.S. Mint first started producing coins in 1906. The general public can swing by, take a tour of the facility and see currency still being made for circulation.

Living in Denver means great brews.
Enjoy craft beers? You will enjoy Denver. There are microbreweries located all over Colorado and many within the Denver city limits. Despite being home to Coors, the craft scene in Denver is amazing.

Our residential movers in Denver agree that living in Denver is amazing. When you are ready to book your move, give us a call! We are the best movers in Colorado and can complete your move to Denver on time. Contact us today for a free quote!