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Popular Venues in Littleton, Colorado

Packing and moving may not be on the top of your list of favorite things to do, but these venues most certainly will be if you plan on moving to Littleton, Colorado anytime soon. Between the Drafthouse Cinema, Canvas and Cocktails, and the Dance Theater – Littleton has no shortage of appreciation for the arts. Check out this list from your local Littleton movers and find something to do for every age group in your family.

  1. Alamo Drafthouse Cinema. Described as the “theater for movie fans by movie fans,” this draft house – fused with a movie theater is a staple for Little, Colorado residents. They show everything from new releases to classic films like Tommy Boy.
  2. Denver’s Dangerous Theatre. The theater that has been “daring audiences to see original theatre since 2007,” has been applauded in reviews as an attraction with quality acting, an intimate theater setting, unique location, free snacks, and the option to bring your own booze – all for a $10 ticket. It’s no wonder why this venue is a favorite among Littleton locals.
  3. Canvas and Cocktails. It all started with the owner wanting to prove that she could make a living with her art degree, and owner Brittney Wilson has done just that. The painting studio that requires no experience necessary, come to this studio and paint a masterpiece to hang up on your wall, all while sipping a tasty cocktail.
  4. Lannie’s Clocktower Cabaret. Featuring everything from burlesque shows to tribute shows, this venue has something for everyone, no matter the occasion. Check out the Motown Legends Revue, where you can enjoy songs from The Four Tops, Temptations, Stevie, Smokey, The Supremes, Marvin Gaye and Michael Jackson. You can hear even more music from some of the greats – featuring covers of everyone from Joni Mitchell, Natalie Merchant, Norah Jones and Tori Amos.
  5. Landmark Theater. Who doesn’t love free popcorn and soda? Having a full bar, on top of a fully stocked kitchen offering everything from pizza to pretzels to sandwiches – you pretty much have every movie-fanatic’s dream haven. For a little extra, you can even enjoy VIP seats, which offer more room, your own table, and your very own server to bring you anything you desire.
  6. Overstreet Dance Theater. A studio that is utilized mainly for dance professionals to provide lessons to their students, all types of genres of dance are offered; from swing dancing, ballroom, salsa, the hustle, to fitness. You can even rent the space for company parties, other dance lessons, and for your own shows to be put on. They are also home to the widely popular Palango! fitness regimen – an incredibly innovative way to stay in shape, while having fun and learning a new skill at the same time.
  7. Mayan Theatre. This theater offers everything from independent to foreign to 3-D films, movie-goers can enjoy digital projection while eating a selection of gourmet concession items on couches and love-seats. The Mayan Theater even offers a full bar with a vast selection of microbrews from local breweries.