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6 Plants for Those Without a Green Thumb

Unfortunately, not all of us were blessed with the gift of having a green thumb. In fact, most of the general population are probably much better at killing plants than they are at keeping them alive.

Luckily, there are plants out there that do not require years of horticulture classes in order to know how to take care of them. Take a look at this list of plants for those born without a green thumb – you will be thanking your local Denver movers later!

  1. Cast-Iron Plant. With a name like that, how can a plant like this not be made to endure any type of gardener? Known for its ability to thrive in low light, barely any watering, a wide variety of temperatures, and less than ideal types of soil, the cast-iron plant is the perfect option for homeowners who want plants with little to no maintenance. It can grow up to two feet high and actually prefers to be left alone as much as possible.
  2. Jade Plant. Native to South Africa, the Jade Plant has a built in system that allows it to store water, so that it does not have to rely on consistent rainfall or watering. As a plant that is made to survive even the most severe droughts, this is definitely a plant that will thrive without much attention needed.
  3. Crown of Thorns. Originally grown in Madagascar, Crown of Thorns also has the ability to retain water, so you will not have to remember to constantly water it. A relatively easygoing plant, it can grow in most types of soil, temperatures, and degrees of sunlight. Not only that, but you also do not have to wait for spring in order to enjoy its beautiful pink and red blooms – it is in bloom year-round.
  4. Pothos. A vine that can keep on growing, the Pothos can grow up to 10-feet indoors with little to no sunlight. Much like the plants above, it also does not require consistent watering in order to stay alive. Moreover, it also is not picky regarding the temperature that it has to live in.
  5. ZZ Plant. Found in East Africa, the ZZ Plant can literally grow anywhere. Often times called the “king of indestructible plants,” this plant can handle bouts of insufficient light, inconsistent temperatures, and little to no water. This plant can even grow to more than a foot tall – regardless of whether or not it is indoors or outdoors.
  6. Mother-in-Law’s Tongue. With an ability to survive that is as unique as its name, this plant is easier to keep alive than it is to kill. Known for having the capacity to go as long as a month without water, this is the ideal option for those with a busy lifestyle that do not have the time to dedicate to taking care of a plant.