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How to Pack Like a Denver Mover

 How to Pack Like a Denver Mover

The professional packers at All My Sons Moving & Storage in Denver are here to give you tips to pack like a Denver mover. Keep reading for the best tips!

Choose the Right Packing Materials

In any project, you need to have the right supplies. You’re going to need:


You are going to want to have boxes in a variety of sizes. Boxes are the base of your move, so you want them to be sturdy and protective. Make sure the boxes come with flaps or lids that can be sealed and try to get wardrobe boxes for clothes, mattress and mirror boxes, dish-pack boxes and a box for your television.

Packing Tape

Heavy-duty packing tape is a must! Masking tape, painters tape or scotch tape won’t do the job.

Packing Materials

Plain newsprint and packaging paper are the best products to use for packing boxes because they have multiple uses. You can wrap your items in it and then you can use crumpled paper to fill any empty space in boxes. You can purchase bubble wrap and foam, but those kinds of packing materials are usually more expensive.

Labeling Supplies

Labeling is super important when it comes to packing. Keep plenty of permanent markers on hand to label the box. You want to label the box with the room it goes to and its contents. Don’t forget to label any boxes that are fragile, so your Denver movers can provide extra care. It is also smart to have a notebook to keep track of what has already been packed and what needs to be packed.

Wrapping Your Items

In order to ensure the safety of your belongings, wrapping is extremely important. You can use newspaper, tissue paper, bubble wrap and foam for doing so.  When wrapping your items, lay them down on whatever you are using. Fold the newsprint around the object by bringing the corners all together and wrapping the object tightly. You can double wrap if you think the item needs more protection.

Pack Room by Room

Packing room by room makes the packing feel more manageable. It helps keep you organized and it will also help keep you organized during the unpacking process.

Keep All Boxes to 50 Pounds or Less

By keeping all boxes to 50 pounds or less, they are less likely to bottom out. If a box exceeds 50 pounds or is too heavy, it just will not be moveable. When you are packing, you should prepare the boxes and put a few inches of crumpled up paper at the bottom for protection. Put the larger and heavier items at the bottom and fill the box with lighter items. If you are packing books or plates, pack them vertically to take advantage of their structural strength. The plates are less likely to break if they are packed this way. If there are any gaps in the boxes, fill them with crumpled paper. 

Denver movers are here to assist you with each aspect of your move, from start to finish. Contact us today for a free moving quote.