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How to Pack Fragile Items for Long-Distance Moves

All My Sons Denver Moving Company has over four generations of experience in the moving and packing industry. We have created this guide on how to pack fragile items for long-distance moves to get your belongings to your new destination safely.


You might think that the best way to pack plates it to just stack them in the box, right? Actually, packing plates this way is causing more harm than good for your plates! They are so much more prone to break if they are stacked one on top of the other, so placing your plates in the box standing up is the best way to ensure their safety. Before you place each plate in the box you want to securely wrap each plate individually. You can do this with packing paper or bubble wrap. You also want to add packing paper to the bottom and top of the box to provide some extra cushion for the plates. Your Denver moving company has the proper packing supplies available to ensure your belongings are packed safely.


When packing glassware, it is important to diminish any empty space. Glasses and mugs should be treated with a little more care, because you should fill the empty glasses and mugs with more packing paper. After individually wrapping each item with packing paper, you are ready to start prepping the boxes. Start by placing a layer or two of crumpled up packing paper at the bottom of the box. Then, begin putting the glassware in the box and filling any extra space surrounding the glasses with more paper. Once you fill the box, add a final layer of packing paper on top to keep the glassware from moving around or breaking.

Framed Photos/Artwork

Any framed photos and artwork around your house should be packed with special care. The last thing you want is to have any valuable décor or important family photos damaged. To do this, you should line each frame in packing paper to make sure there is no damage to the glass. If the frames are small, you should pack them in boxes lined with crumpled packing paper to keep them from moving during transit. If the frames are much larger, you should use a box specifically for frames and mirrors. This will keep your frames even more secured during the moving process.

Specialty Items

Any antiques, valuables or specialty items should be packed the most securely during your move. In the way that you would pack any breakables, do the same for these items. Add on another layer or two of packing paper or whatever other packing supplies you choose to use to ensure the protection of these special items. You can also get creative with the packing supplies that you choose to use. If you want, you can line a box with a blanket or a towel to give your items some extra cushion. These items work just as well as crumpled packing paper.

Once you have packed all of your fragile belongings, don’t forget the most important step- label each box with “FRAGILE” and “This Side Up” so that you and/or your Denver moving company will know to be extremely careful when handling these boxes.