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The Ultimate Packing Checklist for your Move to Denver – Part 2

Smart decision on your part to dive into part two of the ultimate packing checklist. From here we will cover what to do to guarantee a successful move from about four weeks out to and up to moving day. As a bonus, we’ll throw in a guideline for a week after you have made the move. So, let’s get started.

4 weeks from moving day with your Denver Movers.

Start Packing!

The items you used the least.

Decorations from around the house

Have paintings special wrapped for moving

Barely worn clothing

Seldom used toys


If at any point in the packing process you realize you need something that you have packed it will be easy to find in a labeled box.

It’s better than scrambling through all the boxes you have already packed and having to repack each one of them.

Record a spreadsheet/list of what has already been packed.

Sometimes we forget what we have thrown in boxes, even if they are labeled. Spreadsheets keep us organized and eliminate the stress that comes along when you cannot find a certain item. Number or assign a letter to each box on your spreadsheet and list each item under that label. It’s nice to have everything on one sheet rather than spinning boxes around to make sure something is packed or not.

Garbage bags keep clothes clean. Use different trash bags to determine different clothing types.

Poke a hole in the bottom of a garbage bag, clump clothes together and put hangers through the hole. Tie the bottom of the bag to secure clothes together. Use some string to tie the hangers together to prevent the bag from ripping. This is an overlooked packing technique that can save time and money once it’s time to move into the new house.

Keep specific items together.

You should start disassembling anything that needs to be taken apart. Anything that has hardware like nuts and bolts need to be kept together.

Look to start packing your electronics, like surround sound systems. Wires, wall mounts, and any specifics for assembly of products should be properly packed together.

Change your address.

Contact your postal services and have your mailing address changed so mail can be forward to the correct address when the time comes. All your accounts you have setup, including credit cards must have the address changed to receive your bills. Contact family members and inform of the move. Change the address for newspaper and magazine subscriptions. Inform your employer as well.

We are almost there, only 2 weeks until moving day!

Finish packing the house

This is when you need to start packing your most used items like phones, dishes, laptops, remotes, etc.

Specially label these boxes and have them separated from all other boxes. You want to keep these easily accessible if you do need them at any point in the process.

Prepare your refrigerator.

As you get closer and closer to moving day, you want to prepare for prevention of the mess an unthawed-out fridge can make.

Place aside specific items for a “first night” bag.

Clothing, your kid’s favorite toys and any essentials you know you will need for that first night at the new place.

Pack your most valuable items together.

Medicines, jewelry and fragile items.

Use a phony label for this box to be safe on moving day. You can trust the professionals at your Denver moving company, but you never know who is watching as the moving truck is being loaded.

Take care of last minute errands.

Prepare food/snacks for the move

Have pet transportation ready

Keys for the new house easily accessible

Floor pads for moving in furniture


You’ve made it to Moving Day!

Be ready before the trucks arrive.

Have a plan set for what should be put on the truck first and last. Remember what goes in the truck last, comes off the truck first.

Don’t be afraid to orchestrate. We are professionals, but it is your possessions we are moving. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or make suggestions as things are being loaded and unloaded.

Give your old house one last clean sweep.

Check for any items left behind

Take photos if you are a renter to prevent any issues from arising after moving out and cleaning.

Unpack bedrooms first.

Make beds and get bedrooms set up. Moving in takes time, just like when you moved out, but nothing beats a fresh clean bed at the end of an exhausting day of moving. (Pretty sure you would prefer that over sleeping on your couch!)

First week in the new house.

Change locks.

It’s your new home. Your home should provide you with the feeling of relaxation and security. Avoid any thought besides that by changing the locks to give yourself that relief that someone else may have a key to your new place.

Unpack the kitchen

All that moving will make anyone hungry and it beats having to ruffle through boxes anytime you need a spoon.

Throw a house warming party.

Sometimes after a move to a new city, a lonely feeling can set in. You’re not alone, you just haven’t made any friends yet. This is a good way to introduce yourself to the neighbors. Perfect way to show off the new house you’ve been working so hard to get.

Congratulate yourself on a job well done.

Moving is a long stressful project. No one deserves more praise than you for following these steps, packing your prized possessions and orchestrating a complete change in your life.

We urge you to contact your Denver Movers at All My Sons Moving and Storage if you have any questions about packing products/services or are looking for more moving tips, visit our blog or call us at 303-329-3217.