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New Packing Supplies vs. Used Packing Supplies

If you’re getting ready to move into a new home or apartment, or maybe your business is moving into a new location, the first thing that’s probably on your mind is: packing supplies. We know that you might be considering used packing supplies, to save money. However, used packing products aren’t always necessarily safe for your belongings. The Denver movers from All My Sons Moving & Storage have plenty of experience moving with quality products, and can explain why you should choose new packing supplies over used packing supplies.

If you’re using boxes that you’ve picked up from the liquor, grocery, or furniture store, you should be careful because they might be weak. Cardboard boxes can lose their strength and structure quickly, so if any of these boxes have been tossed around during their shipment, there is a chance they could possibly break on you during your move.

By packing your belongings in old boxes, you run the risk of a box giving out during the middle of your move. If your box breaks, you may have very unwanted damage to your items or you run the risk of dropping something heavy on your feet. Our professional Denver movers recommend using new packing supplies, so that you are ultimately protecting you and your valuable belongings.

Not to mention, old boxes are dirty and dusty. Any boxes that have been used to ship items through the mail are dirty, which won’t keep your valuable household items in their good condition.

You’re going to find that loading the moving truck is going to be like a game of Tetris, according to our Denver movers. When you are using old packing supplies and boxes, you can’t really be picky when it comes to the shape and size. You might end up with boxes that are just so big that they are ultimately too heavy for you move. You might also find that you can’t easily stack boxes in the back of the moving truck.

Finding used moving boxes is generally easy, but what about all the other packing supplies you need? To ensure that your belongings are safe, you need to have the proper packing supplies like bubble wrap, packing paper, and tape. It’s not so easy to find these used packing supplies for free around town.

At All My Sons Moving & Storage in Denver, you will have access to high-quality, sturdy packing supplies. You will feel confident knowing that your belongings are safe when you use our packing supplies.

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