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Natural Home Insect Repellents

Denver is a beautiful outdoorsy type atmosphere and living environment. Residents here love to spend as much time as possible doing outdoor activities, and on the cusp of winter, we love to open our doors and let a natural breeze inside our homes. However, that does not mean that we want to welcome in tiny critters as well. Unfortunately, with the outdoors comes the many creatures of the outdoors, but if it is one thing that Denver movers have mastered, it is how to repel insects from ruining outdoor activities.

If you recently bought a home and moved to Denver, or already live in Denver and are constantly buying insect repellent, your professional Denver movers want to let you in on some natural home insect repellent secrets. It is always good to keep in mind that the insects are outdoors where they belong, so there are natural ways that you can repel them away from your recreational area and home.

  • Create an Herb Garden: This is the best possible way of keeping insects out of your home. This natural home insect repellent is also one of the easiest, although its initial setup is the most work. Creating an at home herb garden can get you outdoors and give you a beneficial project for your home.
  • Lemon Juice or Vinegar: If you have ants entering your home, figure out where they are coming in (there will typically be a trail of them marching) and spray with lemon juice or vinegar, they work just as good as poison.
  • Mint and Tansy: Another way to keep insects such as ants from entering your home is to place mint or tansy plants by the entrance ways. Mint and tansy plants can make cute, pretty, decorative additions to the outside of your home, since mint plants will bloom purple flowers and tansy will bloom yellow flowers. Or, you crumble some mint leaves and leave them on the threshold.  For a natural homemade insect repellent that you can wear, rub some mint leaves on your skin and voila! Mint is a natural way to repel mosquitoes and basically every insect, even flies.
  • Red Pepper Flakes: Although it is not all that attractive, you can sprinkle hot red pepper flakes by your entrance ways to keep ants out as well.
  • Lemon Plants: If you are trying to keep mosquitoes away from your deck or family barbecue, think anything lemon. Plant lemon grass or geraniums (which give off a lemon scent), or place lemon balm in the plant pots around your deck.

Other natural ways that you can protect your home, mainly your kitchen since it attracts the most bugs, from insect invasion, is by making sure that you properly seal all food containers. The most attractive foods that bugs will flock to your pantry for are flour and sugar, so do yourself a favor and purchase air-tight containers to store them in. You can also keep your counters and floors clear of any crumbs and your sink free from dishes.

You don’t have to use chemicals and poisons to keep insects where they belong, use these natural home insect repellents and they will stay exactly where you want them…outside.