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Tips for Moving Into a College Dorm

You’ve thrown your high school cap in the air, and ready to toss your hat in the ring at a university. First, congratulations on making it this far. You have accomplished something truly admirable, and continuing your education is an aspiration worth recognition. If you’ve elected to spend your first year on-campus in the dorms, you are no doubt excited and a little nervous about what lies ahead. How much should I bring? What can I expect on my first day? Fear not, we have put together a list of what you’ll need when moving into a college dorm.

Our team at All My Sons Moving & Storage know how stressful the life of a college freshman is. You’re entitled to a whole new world of independence, all while pursuing your passion and making lifelong connections. Jump into that first day moving into the dorms with a plan. Our Denver movers know how many wonderful colleges we have in the area. Let’s take a look at a few things to keep in mind when moving into a dorm.

What to Bring When Moving into a Dorm

A List of Items from the College

Most colleges will give you an idea of what you need and what will be provided for you. Rather than playing the guessing game, make sure you check out their webpage or give a call to the registrar’s office for more information about what you will need to bring. Most dorms provide a bed and closet/cabinet space. If you’re bringing your entire wardrobe, it’s important to know just how much space you’ll have to work with.

A Friend or Family Member

Anybody who has moved alone will tell you how they wished they’d have asked for help. A major calling card of college is the feeling of independence. But if you’re scheduled to live on the third floor of a dormitory, it might be prudent to postpone your liberation. Asking your parents and/or your friends to help you move into a college dorm will expedite the process and save you a pain in the neck from all the carrying. This is an essential for anyone wanting to move larger pieces of furniture, such as a couch or a wardrobe.

A Starter Toolkit

This is an important item that most people forget to pack when moving into a dorm. You don’t need to pack the buzzsaw. That’s probably not going to get you too far with your roommate. Just a hammer, some tacks, a Philips and flathead screwdriver, and a wrench should be plenty to take care of any issues you have around the dorm. Our Denver local movers suggest you coordinate with your roommate on who brings the tools – no room needs two hammers, of course.

What to Buy When Moving into a Dorm 

Proper Bedding

Chances are you’ve graduated from a twin or full-size bed at home. Get ready for a downsize in the dorms. Though you may have a pair of sheets in the attic from your first big-kid bed, it’s worth browsing the web and finding a pair of sheets and a comforter that are cozy, trendy, and don’t have Buzz Lightyear patterned on them. 

Bins for Storage

If you learn anything from our tips on moving into a college dorm, learn this: you’re going to need plenty of outlets for storage. Track down more than just a mini cabinet and a laundry hamper. Even if the bins end up filled with junk, it’s better there than on the floor. If one thing will upset your new roommate, it will most likely be needless clutter.

A Totem for the Room 

This is one of the more creative tips our Denver residential movers compiled. College is most people’s first chance to truly express themselves as individuals away from their nuclear family and high school cliques. If you can, get in contact with your awaiting roommate and come up with a unique centerpiece to act as a mascot for your room. The totem can be some trinket from a thrift store, an old band poster, or an entirely personalized art project. This will give you and your roommate an excellent icebreaking talking point with the rest of the hall. Be yourself and decorate your room to your liking, given your roommate’s permission.

We hope you’ll take all these tips on moving into a college dorm into consideration. Not sure you’ll be able to handle the move by yourself? Call on our team at All My Sons Moving & Storage. We’re always ready to help, with our experienced and trustworthy team of moving experts. Don’t delay another second. Call us today and receive a free, no-obligation quote.