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Tips for Moving in the Snow

Don’t let the fear of the cold weather and snow keep you from moving in the snow. Whether you need local or long-distance movers, our Colorado moving company is here to help you with the best tips to make sure you have a successful move in winter.       


Preparing Your Floors

One of the most important tips to protect yourself and the movers who are coming to you is to prepare your driveway. Make sure the path to the moving truck is clear and salt the driveway to prevent slip and fall accidents, especially when carrying boxes and furniture. When moving in the snow, our movers in Denver recommend that you lay down some plastic sheeting, which can be found at your local hardware store. This will not only protect the flooring from any water damage, but it will also prevent you or your family from slipping in water.


Checking on Weather Updates

The winter season can be unpredictable. One moment it’s cold and the next there is a major snow storm heading into town. Our Colorado moving company recommends setting up weather alerts on your smartphone or watching your local weather channel. If you are moving to a town that is known for colder weather and snow storms, research their weather a couple of days before so that you can be prepared when moving.


Taking Care of Your Movers

The snow and ice make for an uncomfortable experience, check on your professional local movers and offer them any coffee or hot chocolate to keep them warm. It doesn’t cost much to just do a nice favor for them since they are the ones working hard to make sure your items are safely put away.


Protective Gear

Moving in the snow means making sure you have the protective gear to keep you warm while going from location to location. Invest in some good gloves, snow boots, and protective head gear to keep you warm while traveling in the winter.

The same rule also applies when packing up your items. Cardboard boxes can be easily damaged when you move in the snow. Plastic crates or boxes are better suited to protecting your belongings from the elements. If you are having problems finding these specialty items, our movers in Denver offer packing supplies among all the different services we have.


Overall, is it cheaper to move in the winter? Is it convenient? Probably not since there are extra and specialty items you should have to protect yourself and your belongings. The weather makes it inconvenient to move in the winter. Our Colorado moving company is here to ease your winter moving process. Contact us to learn about the other moving services we offer.