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Tips for Your Move to Denver

Denver, Colorado is the Mile High City. With its elevation right at a mile above sea level, it’s no wonder where it gets its name from. Pretty much any person that you meet that is from Denver will tell you how much they love it and how incredible it is. And it is as unique as it could possibly be.

When people think of the Mecca of craft beer, they probably don’t think of anything. Most people don’t sit around thinking about where the best place to go for craft beer is, but if they did they would think of Denver. It has more than enough beer to go around, and more than enough breweries to entertain even the most experienced beer connoisseur. If craft beer is your thing, take a trip to the Mile High City. You will not be disappointed.

The climate of Denver is quite nice. With three hundred days of sunshine, how could you possibly go wrong? Denver actually gets more annual hours of sunshine than Miami and San Diego. Winters average a temperature of forty five degrees during the day, sometimes spiking up into the sixties. The temperatures average at about eighty six degrees during the summer with low humidity. And with an average of eight to fifteen inches of rain each year, there are not many rainy days in the mile high city.

The Denver Zoo is a must see. With animals that are indigenous to all over the world, many of which are going extinct, it is important to take advantage of such a precious gem that is this zoo and see the animals in a habitat that is as close to the wild as they are going to get. With events going on all year long, and new animals being born regularly, you will never get bored going to the zoo.

When arriving to the airport in Denver, there is one thing that you can’t ignore. It’s almost like the elephant in the room, except it’s big and blue and has growing red eyes. The 32 foot tall rearing bronco is named Blue Mustang, but his nickname given to him by locals is Blucifer. The statue is supposed to symbolize the wild spirit of the old American west, but many Denverites are not happy with the demonic looking murderer that welcomes people to their city. Luis Jimenez was the creator of this dark creature, and Blucifer actually killed him! Jimenez was killed during the construction of the Blue Mustang when a 9,000 pound chunk of the sculpture fell on him and severed a major artery in his leg. Welcome to Denver, y’all.

The only word that can define Denver and give it any sort of justice is character. Where else can you be a mile above sea level, be in the Napa Valley of beer, have 300 days of sunshine, and be greeted by a 32 foot tall blue demonic bronco? The answer is nowhere. If you are thinking of moving to Denver, we vote yes!