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Moving to Denver from Overseas

Local moving companies know that moving is never an easy task and can offer a ton of advice on how to make your move go as smoothly as possible; however, international movers may be able to offer completely different advice on how to handle moving to the United States from overseas. 

If you currently live overseas and are moving to Denver or the great Centennial state of Colorado, international movers All My Sons has some great advice to help moving to our beautiful nation the best moving experience…period!

First, consider everything about your move, starting with your circumstances. Why are you moving from overseas to Denver? Did you visit one year for snowboarding and just fell in love with the city, or are you moving for work? Do you have family in Colorado and are moving to be closer? When it comes to understanding why you are moving, make sure you decide if you are moving permanently or temporarily. Knowing whether or not your international move is permanent or not, will help you decide what you should do with your belongings. 

It is not easy, or inexpensive, to move overseas; so if you are moving to Denver or anywhere in the United States from another country, decide which belongings you should bring, which belongings you should get rid of, and what belongings you can keep but leave behind at a friend or relative’s house if you are only moving for less than three years or so.  The less that you have to move with, the less expensive your overseas move will be. 

Another thing to consider is if you can move with clothes only, and then purchase all furniture and living supplies once you arrive in Denver. In order to decide this, calculate the cost of moving all of your current belongings (downsized or not) and see if it would just be cheaper to buy new items. If the moving company that you hire charges by weight, consider how much the item weighs and what it costs to move it, and then determine the price of buying that item brand new. 

When moving overseas and determining what belongings you should bring, another major factor to take into consideration is climate. Are you moving from the Dominican Republic to Colorado for family or your job? If so, you may want to get rid of your swimsuits and flip flops. Are you moving from Greenland to Denver? If so, you might actually have the proper attire already; however, you may want to save some money on shipping your large winter boots and purchase some new ones in one of the trendy Denver mountain shops. 

If you do decide to downsize your belongings, try to keep items that will make your new home in the United States, feel like your home overseas. Take a look around your home and pick out the items that make you feel relaxed and at ease, you will want to keep those items. 

If you are moving overseas for work and you have signed a contract with the job that is relocating you, double check what moving costs your company covers. Some businesses will limit the amount of belongings you can take and others will only pay a portion. 

Regardless of where you are moving to and from, ENJOY the moment! International moving or moving to Denver from overseas is a new chapter, and one that you should embrace, and professional moving companies can help take care of your move, so that you can enjoy the trip.