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How to Move your Fish Tank

While you may feel intimidated moving your fish tank, our dedicated Denver movers are here to share a few tips. You will be on your way to transporting your fish swimmingly.

Equipment to Move Your Fish Tank

Before your big relocation, you must begin by gathering the essential supplies to transport your aquarium. It’s crucial to stay organized at the start of your process, so you don’t scramble to find supplies during your relocation. Our local Denver movers have listed a few supplies you may need to move your fish tank:  

• Fishnet

• Large gallon buckets

• Siphon hose

• Plastic bags

• Bubble wrap

• Moving boxes

How to Prepare to Transfer Your Fish Tank

Just like relocating your belongings, you must prepare to transfer your fish tank. Don’t fret over not knowing how to move your fish tank! Our residential Denver movers are thankfully here to share the preparation steps to transfer your fish tank.

1. Check to see if the floor in your new home can support the weight of your fish tank.

2. Make sure there is an electrical supply near the area you plan on putting your aquarium.

3. Test the doorways and stairwells to see if they are wide enough and have ample space for turning tight corners.

4. Avoid moving during extreme hot or cold temperatures by checking your weather forecast.

5. Refrain from feeding your fish for 24 hours before the move to ensure their waste has passed. Don’t worry! Most fish can survive for up to a week without food.

The Relocation of Your Fish Tank


Now that you have all your supplies and prepared to transfer your fish tank, let’s discuss the actual relocation of your aquarium. Our long-distance Denver movers have a few final tips before you move your fish tank.

1. Save and transport as much water as possible – about 75-80% of the tank is excellent. This is a great way to reduce the stress on your fish and help them quickly reestablish biological balance. Use your 5-gallon buckets to transport this massive amount of water.

2. Small and medium fish can be carried in fish bags and placed in either coolers or Styrofoam shipping containers. These materials will help your fish maintain the proper temperature. Larger fish and creatures can be transported in buckets, tubs, or coolers.

3. Unplug your tank heater and allow it to cool for at least 30 minutes before removal. You can check the tank for algae and mineral deposits while the heater is still wet.

4. Siphon the tank water you intend on transporting to your new home. Gently remove and carefully pack décor items and artificial plants.

5. After you remove your fish from the tank, drain and discard the last remaining water.

6. Once the tank is empty, make sure you use a wet/dry vacuum to do a final cleaning before your move.

7. Wrap the tank in blankets and protective materials. Place fragile items inside the tank for extra protection.

8. Avoid leaving containers with fish and other livestock in direct sunlight to avoid water to overheat.


Now that you are more aware of how to move your fish tank, you can focus on your relocation. Our dedicated moving company is here to assist with every step of the way. Call our team today for your free, no-obligation quote!



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