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How to Lower Your Electricity Bill in Denver

Our professional Denver movers understand how expensive moving to a new home can be. We are sure you want to reduce your costs and learn how to lower your electricity bill. Check out our helpful tips and tricks below.


Turn Up the Heat

If you are unfamiliar with the Denver weather, our Denver residential movers can tell you that residents experience very cold winters and warm summers. However, one of the best ways to lower your electricity bill is to turn up your heat. Your air conditioner is one of the biggest culprits behind massive utility bills. Here are a few ways to cut the cost of your A/C monthly bill.

1. Turn off A/C unit, turn on fans and open windows

The easiest way to lower your electricity bill is by turn off your air conditioning system and turn on fans or open windows. You will drastically decrease your bill if you reduce your A/C unit usage. If the weather is nice out you can turn off the system and open your windows. For the warmer days, try turning on your ceiling fans instead of cranking down your air conditioning system.

2. Install blackout curtains

Another great way to keep it cool in your home is by adding blackout curtains. Blackout curtains are a wonderful invention that blocks the sunlight and keeping your home cooler. You can find these curtains at all major retailers or you can check online to ensure the companies offer the right measurements for the windows in your home.


Reduce Power and Energy

Keeping your lights on and electronics plugged in can increase your home’s energy consumption. According to our Denver long-distance movers, reducing your power and energy will dramatically benefit your monthly electric bill.


1. Turn off your lights

One of the simplest ways to reduce your electricity bill is to turn on your lights as you leave a room. Our professional movers are also guilty of forgetting to turn off the lights when we are no longer in a specific area of the house. It takes only a few seconds to turn off your lights but it will benefit your bill in the long run.


2. Hang clothes to dry    


As a new homeowner or renter, you should know your washer and dryer use a lot of power and energy. If you decide to use your washing machine to wash your clothes, try to hang your clothes to dry to save some power and energy. By switching to this method occasionally you will lower the cost of your electricity bill.


Condense Water Usage

In addition to lowering your electricity bill, water usage is one of the major causes of insanely high utility bills. If you are unsure how to lower your water bill you should check out our tips for cutting down your water expense.


1. Take shorter showers

If you are looking to dramatically lower your water usage you can take shorter showers. We are all guilty of spending extra time and avoiding our responsibility through long, relaxing showers. Did you know trimming just two minutes off your shower time can drastically lower your water usage? The next time you are taking a shower, remember to cut a few minutes off to help lower your bill.

2. Avoid running your sink faucets
Another thing we are all responsible for is running our sink faucets for too long. If you are brushing your teeth, there is no need to keep the water running when the toothbrush is still in your mouth. Are you doing the dishes and keeping the water running? A simple way to lower the cost of water is to turn off the faucet in between your activities.



Now that you have learned how to lower your electricity bill as well as your water bill it is time to enjoy your new home in Denver, Colorado. If you have any further questions, please call our dedicated movers today.