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10 Lifehacks for Moving to Denver

There’s a certain time, every year, when grocery stores notice a spike in people asking to take boxes home. We start to see broken or worn furniture out by the driveways of peoples’ homes – this is how we know its moving season. The summer months of June, July and August are prime moving months, and many families are digging for ways that they can save money on their move, or make the moving process easier on their family. Luckily, Denver movers have come up with a list of lifehacks that can help save you time and money on your move.

  1. Nail hole hack – use a white bar of soap to conceal the tiny nail holes in your apartment or home before you move out or list your home for sale.
  2. Plate packing hack – use disposable foam plates in-between each glass or ceramic plate, rather than wasting a ton of newspaper when packing your plates. Denver movers know that this will also make your life easier when it comes time to unpack your dishes.
  3. Keyring hack – have you ever tried to remove and replace the keys on your keyring, but the keyring is so difficult to open that you break a nail? When turning in or replacing your old keys, use a staple remover to open the keyring clamp.
  4. Paint can hack – whether you are painting your apartment in order to get your security deposit back, or simply putting the finishing touches on your new Denver home, this lifehack will help you save paint. Instead of rubbing the paint brush all around the sides of the paint can to remove excess paint, place a rubber band around the open can and use the rubber band as your brush wipe.
  5. Furniture dent hack – after your Denver movers have finished removing all of your furniture, there might be indents left in the carpet. To get rid of them, simply place ice cubes on the divots, let them melt, then scrape the carpet fibers with a spoon.
  6. Masking tape hack – if you are using masking tape to pack and the tape roll you have is dry, place it in the microwave for just a short few seconds in order to will loosen back up for use.
  7. Hammering hack – everyone knows how bad it hurts when you are trying to hammer a nail in the wall, and you keep hitting your fingers instead of the nail. Denver movers want to relieve your fingers from their picture hanging anxiety by suggesting that you hold the nail with a clothes pin.
  8. Broken glass hack – since it is common to break an item or two when moving, if you break any glass, use bread to pick up all of the tiny glass splinter pieces.
  9. Furniture screw hack – if you are not hiring a full service moving company in Denver to disassemble and reassemble your furniture, use a folded piece of paper to organize screws for each furniture item.
  10. Electronic hack – take a picture of your electronic devices while they are still connected, such as TVs and entertainment systems. This way, you will know exactly how to set it up once you reach your new residence.