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Hidden Moving Charges

Denver moving companies are some of the best in the country. The summer months of June, July and August are peak moving months since families are able to move without yanking their children out of school. Over the past couple of years, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and the Better Business Bureau have received over 6,000 complaints against moving companies - even some big name movers. Among the complaints are issues like: hostage loads where movers refuse to give the homeowner their belongings unless they pay more, broken or lost items, severely damaged items, and miscellaneous charges that were not included in the written agreement. Although Denver moving company All My Sons Moving & Storage works hard to perfect the craft of moving and treat every move as if we are moving our own family, there may be hidden moving charges that most homeowners are not aware exist, and we want to shed light on those charges.

Packing Supplies: If you are hiring a full service moving company in Denver, you may not be aware that the cost of packing supplies will be added to your quote. In order to avoid moving scams, always read the fine print before signing and don’t sign anything that does not have every charge listed in detail.

Large Item Charge: If you have items that are large, bulky, or awkward in size and shape, you will be charged with additional moving fees. If you have any of the following items, let your Denver mover know ahead of time. This way, you will know the true cost of moving ahead of time. Such items include: pianos, pool table, wall units, playgrounds, lawn mowers, and other hard to transport items that take up space. Don’t be surprised if your moving quote jumps dramatically in price if you have a piano. The average piano can cost anywhere from $150-$600 if you are moving it locally and do not need a crane. If you have a grand piano that needs to be lifted with a crane, you can expect an $800-$2500 charge. A large item charge can also come in the form of “hoisting fees,” such as needing to move a large sofa that cannot be disassembled and would need to go through the window.

Long Carry Fees: Make sure that the Denver moving company that you hire has enough space in order to drive the moving truck as close as possible to your residence. If not, you can be charged $90-$120 for every 75 feet that they have to carry your items to their truck.

Flight Charge: If your mover has to use stairs while they are moving your belongings, you will be charged for it. The same goes for an elevator and elevator fees.

Moving Cancellation Fee: If you have already signed a moving contract with a Denver mover and then you decide to go with another company, you will be charged for cancelling if you do not cancel enough time in advance. Cancellation fees can range from $50-$100 if you give them seven days’ notice, or $300 if you give them less than one week’s notice. This charge is typically taken from the deposit you gave.

Extra Stops Charges: If you are moving to Denver and your mover will have to make more than one stop along the way, expect to be charged an “extra stop charge” of roughly $75.

Now that you know about the hidden moving charges that some moving companies may try to throw in your final quote without mentioning, you can try to avoid them by having the proper arrangements made to avoid the above charges. All My Sons Moving & Storage Denver is not in the business of trying to overcharge families, or charge them for things they are unaware of. If you are moving to Denver, let All My Sons take care of packing and moving your belongings, and don’t fret hidden moving charges.