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Pro Packers Guide to Efficient Unpacking

When you move into your new house, more likely than not, you’re going to want to unpack as quickly as you can. No one wants to be sitting in their new home surrounded by a ton of moving boxes that are full. The Denver professional packers from All My Sons Moving & Storage have created this professional packer’s guide to efficient unpacking. If you follow this guide closely, you will be unpacked in no time.

To get started with the unpacking process, you should have your inventory list handy (assuming you made an inventory list during your packing process). Next, you should unpack everything that you’ll need to keep your home up and running. These boxes should be the first boxes off the truck or with you in your car. These boxes should contain the things that you need for the first couple of nights in your new home. Along with checking your inventory list, you should plan the room first, before you unpack too many boxes.

We hope you’ve properly labeled your boxes, so that you can locate what you need easily. You should focus on unpacking the kitchen once your essentials are unpacked. You don’t have to completely organize all your pots, pans, plates, cups, and appliances, but you should just get those things out of their boxes. A tip from our Denver professional packers: if there’s a task that you think you’ll do later, do it now or you’ll never get to it.

Next, the Denver professional packers recommend that you should focus on the bedrooms. Start by putting the beds together, and then unpacking the linens for each bedroom. You don’t need to spend time on furniture placement or closet organization- you can do that after everything is unpacked.

You should also unpack the bathrooms now. You should unpack the things that are most important in the bathroom, such as the shower curtain, towels and toilet paper.

Once you have the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom essentials unpacked you can start putting the furniture together. Hopefully you could have measurements or the floor plan of your home before you moved, so that you can arrange the furniture easily. If not, no problem, but you should still try to arrange of the furniture before putting everything together. The large pieces of furniture that need assembling should be completed after you know where it will be going.

Finally, you can focus on unpacking storage spaces. This tends to be the garage, and since most garage items aren’t essential, try to get the space organized before you start unpacking. If you don’t already have the tools to keep the space functional, like shelving, storage boxes, etc., you should install these tools.

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