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3 Essential Items in Every Professional Packer’s Toolbox


3 Essential Items in Every Professional Packer’s Toolbox

All My Sons Moving & Storage in Denver is a full service moving company with professional packing services. Our team consist of trained, experienced professional packers that have the proper equipment and tools to handle any move thrown their way. Here are the three essential items that our Denver movers have in their toolbox!


Denver movers will use a few different types of straps. If a piece of furniture is too large and just will not fit through your front door or through a narrow hallway, professional packers can use hoisting straps to wrap the piece of furniture and hoist it through a window. Tie down straps are also so important during transit. If your belongings are not properly strapped down, there is potential for moving around which could possibly lead to damage. Ratchet straps are the easiest to use tie downs and allow you to quickly and easily secure your belongings.

Tool Kit

Professional packers will always have a tool kit in their toolbox. Denver movers are full service movers and offer special packing services, like the disassembly and assembly of your furniture. In order to properly do this, a tool kit is necessary to ensure that the basic assembly of your beds, couches, dining room tables, and more is taken care of.

Furniture/Utility Dolly

A dolly ultimately makes loading and unloading boxes and furniture more efficient. It allows the Denver movers to easily wheel out heavy appliances, boxes and furniture. There are a few different types of dollies that movers will use. There are dollies made specifically for furniture, utilities and boxes and crates.

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