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Tips for Decorating your Denver Home for the Fall

The most exciting part about moving to Denver in the fall is the inspiration one feels to decorate their new home with the best fall décor. The sights of green leafs and branches mixed with the scents of pumpkin spice brings a calming energy into any room in the house, but there’s only one problem: Your budget. Moving to Denver has likely drained your wallet and purchasing fall décor is simply not in your financial plans. Denver movers understand the struggle, which is why All My Sons Moving & Storage has come to the rescue with these great tips for decorating your new Denver home on a budget.

Use beautiful branches

Budget decorating is literally within reach. Step outside to your nearest tree and arrange some branches into a tall vase. You can assemble them with leaves or without. This look can instantly bring the feeling of the season into your home.


Pick up some produce

Check out your local farmers market for some fresh cranberries and nuts, and place them in a clear vase with a votive candle on top. For a dinner table center piece, a little bit goes along way. Gather up some apples or pears and fill them into a large bowl. This inexpensive fall look can also add a great scent to your Denver home.


Bring out cozy blankets and throws

Adding a pop of color to your sofa with some cozy blankets and throws in warm fall colors can bring a living room to life. You can drape blankets over chairs as well. Decorative blankets are not only cozy and attractive, they are great for those cold Denver nights lounging next to the fire.


Get creative with pumpkins

Do you ever see those fun pictures that have a funny decorative pumpkin and wish you could do the same? Now you can. Those bright balls of goodness are a sure sign that fall has arrived. You can paint them, stud them, or even washi tape them.



Nothing says fall like candles. Denver movers suggest picking up some relatively inexpensive candles that have that fall aroma smell. You can place them on your dinner table, your bathroom, or bedroom. Candles will add a great pop of light to your new Denver home.


Burlap banner

Probably the most genius DIY decorative idea is a burlap banner. Simply take some leftover triangular coffee burlaps and paste a yarn or ribbon on the bottom on the triangular burlaps to make a banner that’s says your favorite fall term. Place it over your fireplace or simply place it on your wall for a great fall décor.

Denver movers know how difficult it can be to decorate for the fall on a budget. Sharing these great tips with you is just a small way of helping your move to Denver be less stressful and more budget friendly.