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5 Simple Ways to De-Clutter Your Home

The inevitable has yet again occurred: spring cleaning is finally here. While it was nice having the dreary winter days as an excuse to not have to clean – unfortunately the time frame for that has expired. While this may send some of you searching for reasons to further procrastinate, Denver moving companies have created a list of simple ways that you can create home organization, so you don’t even have to bat an eye. Little do you know, there are plenty of other home organization techniques that you have not even heard about yet, AND they are so simple that you might even find yourself enjoying spring cleaning. Almost.

  1. Electronics. There is no worse eye sore other than that of a bunch of electronic, tangled wires scattered everywhere. Instead, gather not just your wires, but also your remotes, gadgets, and all other tech gear from around the house, and keep it in one clear labeled bin. Items that do not get as much use – such as printers – can be placed in a drawer or in a closed storage bin, to reduce the overall look of clutter in your home. Put the items that are used the most, in containers that are clear, so that you know what is in them; label them, and keep them in an easy-to-get-to spot.
  2. Daily Project. The secret to maintaining an organized home, is to not just clean when spring cleaning rolls around - but to make it a habit to pick up around your home on a daily basis. In order to help spread out the workload, try assigning a room to each member of the household and have that area be their daily responsibility to make sure is in order. You will be amazed how much easier your life becomes by just spending a few minutes, every day, straightening up your home.
  3. Hang it. Admit it, while you may loathe the idea of having to go through all of the items you collected during your winter hibernation, you will love the feeling you get when you are finally done cleaning and your home is organized. Simple things, such as clearing off the floor, can provide an immediate change in the entire feel of a room. The overall congestion of the room disappears, and you can breathe easy once again. Try hanging up your family bikes and putting closed-top storage bins on a high shelf for off-season personal items. In one simple step, you can double the amount of space with these storage bins. Hanging things up that can be stored up higher, will (obviously) get things off of the floor of your home and garage, making it instantly look cleaner and more organized.
  4. Visibility. More often than not, putting items in a place where you are actually able to see them, will subsequently ensure that you remember where they are and to use them. Not only will you cut out precious time spent searching for what you need in the morning when getting ready, you will also save yourself from purchasing multiple items just because you don’t even know what you already have. 
  5. Hide It. For those items that you don’t want readily visible, hide it. For all of those home items that may not be the best to look at, invest in a printed box or storage box to put all of your random knickknacks in; a simple way for home organization. Make sure to label the outside of the box so you don’t forget which box has what in it! Another good tip is to hide items that you actually use every day, because if they are items that you have to us, hiding them won’t make you forget about them.