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Dealing with Homesickness After Moving to Denver

Moving is stressful on the body and mind; there are many things that need to be planned, organized, and finalized. Once we move into our new home, we often feel the overwhelming sense of homesickness, longing for your old home, friends, and family. Just know that this feeling is normal and it will pass, but if you are struggling with it right now, our Denver movers share some ways to help you overcome homesickness and tips and tricks to deal with it in a healthy manner.


Assess Your Feelings


If this is your first time dealing with homesickness, you may be feeling anxious, sad, overwhelmed, and a whole lot of emotions that you have never dealt with before. Understand and know that these emotions do not make you weak or a bad person. Josh Klapow, a clinical psychologist and associate professor at the University of Alabama's School of Public Health said “They think something's terribly wrong. But it's normal and adaptive to feel homesick for some period of time. It's just your emotions and mind telling you you're out of your element. You're not literally just missing your house. You're missing what's normal, what is routine, the larger sense of social space because those are the things that help us survive.”1


Decorate Your House


Setting up your new house is a chance to create a safe place for you to come home to. If you are dealing with homesickness, try decorating your home with nostalgic items from your last house or you’re your childhood. Hang up pictures around your home, cook up your favorite recipe or contact your friends and family to send you some cookies or pictures to remind you of your last home. Nostalgic items can help you deal with homesickness, it is also a good way to remember that although you are living somewhere else, you are never too far away from home.


Make New Friends


When dealing with homesickness, getting out of the house and making friends is a way for you to combat these feelings. While your new friends can never replace the old ones, they certainly can help you get out of the headspace you are in that’s creating a negative mindset and explore your new neighborhood.


Professional Counseling


In the end, if none of these get better or you start to notice a rapid decline in your overall mental health, the next best step is to seek mental counseling. Remember that there is nothing wrong with going to speak to a professional who will better understand what you are going through.


In the case of moving, let our Denver local movers be the first to welcome you to town and help you move to your new home. Our professionals will treat you like family and help you through the tedious process of moving so you can relax and settle into your new home at your own pace as you sort through your feelings. Call our friendly staff today at 303-217-9117 if you want to learn more about the moving services we offer.




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