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Common Fixes for New Homeowners

Buying a home is an exciting time, but in most situations the home is not 100 percent to the liking of the new buyer, and there are some common fixes and renovations that homebuyers are prone to embark on. Interested in changing a property to make it more “you”—you’re not alone! Here are the most common fixes that new homeowners take on.

Squeaks in the flooring. Whether the flooring was laid poorly or is just old, few things can be more irritating that a shrill squeak with every step. Addressing the issue of squeaky floors means you might need to simply add more anchors, such as screws, to keep panels firmly in place. Depending on the flooring you have, you might need a power drill or a specialized repair kit. Head to a hardware store and take some photos to show them the flooring and what you are trying to achieve.

Clogged drains. This is one of the grossest things to deal with following previous home residents. Drains clog due to a variety of products, and sometimes Drain-O doesn’t do the job. Using a wire hook or some other slim fibrous tool can help you to loosen hair and other debris that is clogging the drainage in your sink or tub. Wear gloves and remember to hold your nose when you remove the gunk!

Doors that are stuck. Humidity and other factors can result in slow opening doors and difficult closing doors, both of which are a major inconvenience and all around pain. Tighten the screws on the hinges and if that doesn’t remedy the situation, you might need to change out the door frame. Other scenarios could involve the door actually requiring sanding to better fit the frame.

Wobbly fans. A fan that rattles and wobbles is loud and annoying, not to mention a hazard if it continues to wobble and eventually detach. Fixing the wobble is an easy job, and it will require a kit from a home improvement store that should run you a few dollars. Follow the directions and solve this peeve once and for all.

Holes in the wall. With drywall, making holes in the walls is frighteningly easy. Luckily, repairing these holes is also a fairly easy job that will require a piece of drywall, mesh, setting compound, drywall screws and some scrap wood. There are tutorials online that walk you step by step and you can also consult the team at a hardware store to ensure you get all the parts you will need.

There you have it, some common problems and some quick fixes! If you have other problems, be sure to consult local fix it stores as they have plenty of DIY project tips and information. Remember, for your home décor, maintenance, and moving needs, rely on the friendly team and All My Sons Denver movers.