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Signs that You Chose the Wrong Paint Color

If you have recently moved to Denver and are decorating your new home, one of the biggest stressors that new homeowners face is choosing the right paint color. Denver moving companies have a few ways that you can tell if you chose the wrong paint color or not.


Signs That You Chose the Wrong Paint Color Infographic



  1. Everyone looks less attractive in the room. This may sound odd, but if you choose the wrong paint color, it can instantly make everyone who walks into the room, look a little less attractive. Common paint color mistakes that do not compliment peoples’ skin tones and attributes well are greens and grays in the bathroom. You also do not want to use these colors in any room that you have mirrors that people use (this does not include decorative, mirrors for show). For rooms such as the bathroom and even bedrooms that have floor-length mirrors, opt for warmer tones and keep the colors on the neutral side. If you do want a bold hue: pink, peach, and clear blue are very flattering when you are looking at your face in a mirror. Keep in mind that dining rooms are meant to be warming and relaxing, that is why we have candle-lit dinners…they compliment everyone, so keep that in mind when choosing a paint color for the dining room as well.
  2. If you are turning on more lights than normal, you picked the wrong paint color for that room. Make sure that you do not pick a color that is so dark you have to turn on more lights or completely avoid that room when you need to do anything that requires light. Darker paint colors also make rooms look smaller, so if the room is already small, you are making a huge decorating mistake by adding a dark color. If you really like the darker color, consider using it as an accent wall.
  3. If you are turning lights off more often or completely not even using lights in a particular room…the paint color you chose may be too bright. If you have moved into a new home and are aiming for a way to save money on electricity, you may actually like this option. However, you do not want the color to be so bright that the room is not relaxing in the evening.
  4. If your cabinets or floors look gray then your paint color is casting an undertone in the surfaces in the room. If you have a lot of light colored surfaces, you will want to be careful which colors you choose to paint the walls. If you do have lighter surfaces, test the paint colors that you like and see if they create an undertone that is unpleasant, before you entirely paint the room.

A lot of the issues that are created with choosing the wrong paint colors deal with lighting. If you are absolutely set on a color, you can try to add, remove, or alter light fixtures to make the colors more complimenting to the room.