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When Buying a New Home: Consider your Lifestyle

Most homeowners do not consider their lifestyle when looking to buy or build a new home. When buying a home, most people focus on size, floor plan, exterior appeal, and most importantly…their budget.

However, one of the most important things to consider when looking for a new home is your lifestyle. When buying a new home, ask yourself: is my family going to grow, will this house support my relatives and their needs, and will this house be able to support any changes that may occur in my personal life?

The best way to find a home that will be sustainable for you in the long run, is to make a list of your current needs and wants and then add any potential changes to that list that will support your future.

Here are some potential life changes to consider when looking for a new home:

1. If you have a new job: If you have recently started a new job that you see the potential for growth for, ask yourself, “Do I have sufficient space for any work that I may need to do at home?” Another major factor that many homeowners forget about is home maintenance. It is important to ask yourself, “Will I be able to afford this house if my job does not work out? Will I be able to afford all of the necessary upkeep if I were to lose my job?” In an economy that is constantly changing, you should never settle into a home that you could not afford if your circumstances were to change. Be realistic about your desires and focus more on your needs. Draft a detailed list of expected up-keep costs for each potential home you look at, and decide from there.

If you are a couple: If you are a couple that is moving in together, engaged, whatever the case may be, ask yourselves, “Will this house support the growth of our family? Can this house be easily made child and pet-safe? Is the floor plan open enough where we would be able to keep an eye on our children? Will our family be eating at the dinner table each night where we would need a large kitchen and dining room? Is this house large enough for family holidays and gatherings?”

3. If you are getting older: Even if you are not retired yet, ask yourself, “Will this house support me in my retirement? Will I be able to afford it after I retire? Is this where I can see my family and I living forever? Will this house be able to be made wheelchair accessible if any unfortunate event were to occur?”

Your home should give you personal gratification and ease of mind. Most homeowners do not take into consideration the psychological factors that come with a home. Make sure that you understand what you want and need from your home in order to be truly happy, and make sure that your home will be sufficient for any changes you may undergo. If you are moving to Denver, let All My Sons Moving Company be a part of your smart decisions, by making your move easy and affordable!