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Benton At A Glance

Take a Look at Benton with All My Sons Movers

Being in Benton for the first time can be both exhilarating and overwhelming. There's an enormous amount to take in. Your friends at All My Sons Moving & Storage want to help you transition into our community by preparing you with some things to expect.
move to Benton with All My Sons

A hassle-free move to Benton with All My Sons Moving & Storage is only the beginning of your family’s adventures. This Arkansas city offers a diverse portfolio of industries that are always on the hunt for quality employees. Add the natural beauty of the Little Rock area terrain, and your family will be sitting pretty soon after our Benton movers unload the last box from the moving truck.

Only twenty miles from Little Rock, Benton enjoys the big city amenities of the state capital while retaining the comfort and charm of a small town. With a population just over 28,000 and much more room to grow, Benton is set for a promising future. Your Benton movers know our city prides itself on being self-sufficient, a fact supported by the number of local and family-owned businesses in the area—businesses just like your Benton moving company, All My Sons Moving & Storage. Benton’s economy is primarily service-oriented, and many of those service positions focus on the local community by providing health care, education and other social services to Benton residents.

If you like shopping, plan a move to Benton! The city is a regional retail center with several shops along Military Road selling anything from clothing to cars. If nature is more your style, visit the peaceful shores of the Saline River, or hike the trails of the Ouachita National Park. Both scenic wonders are only minutes from the city and are favorite locations for residents and the Benton movers of All My Sons.

Are you ready for your move to Benton? Call your friendly Benton movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage today. We’ll take care of all of your moving and storage needs.