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Things To Do Before Your Move

After the ink dries on the paperwork of your new home, the pressure is on. You now have a date for your move in and the clock is ticking to get yourself packed and ready to move. Of course, there are a million things running through your mind of what needs to be taken care of prior to your actual moving day. So how do you keep track of all the most important things to do before you move? If you are anything like the local Phoenix movers of All My Sons then you make lists! Having a to do list for moving helps keep you organized and on track.

For your next move, check out this list of things to do before your move to keep you from over stressing and preventing items from falling through the cracks!

1.Deal with utilities and reoccurring charges.

Chances are you have several items or services in your home that incur reoccurring charges. Get these items taken care of first and foremost to avoid forgetting them later during the chaos. Some services such as cable or water (if you are moving locally) can simply be transferred over on a certain date, but others may need to be canceled and reopened at a later point. Also, if you have a gym membership or subscription that gets mailed to your home, make sure to switch your address over to avoid disruption in service.


2.Change your address.

Registering your new address is now simpler than ever. It can be done online through the USPS website. Ideally, you should submit your change of address form about two weeks prior to your move. This should ensure your mail begins to be forwarded to your new home by the time you move in. Also, advise any important companies or parties about our change of address. The local Phoenix movers suggest changing your address directly with your bank and car insurance companies to ensure no personal information gets lost. Also, changing your address when moving can help save you money on your car insurance. Depending on where you live and move to, certain neighborhoods and cities offer cheaper car insurance, so making the switch may put a few more bucks in your wallet.


3.Plan your moving strategy.

Will you be hiring movers or will you be doing it yourself? If you hire movers, will it be a full service moving plan or just the loading and unloading part. When hiring movers, it usually takes many more items off your to-do list. However, if you elect to pack your own items, make sure to give yourself plenty of time. The local Phoenix movers suggest setting a box quota. About 2 months prior to your move, try to pack at least 2-3 boxes every day. This should give you ample time to review your items and separate any items you do not plan on moving. It will also help you save energy for the unpacking, after you move.


4.Make sure to pack an “essentials” box.

This will contain clothes, toiletries and any other items you may need for the first 2 days at your new home. This “essentials” box will keep you from fumbling through a bunch of boxes after moving.