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If you’ve ever visited the state of Arizona, you’ve no doubt debated living there for a spell. It has torrential sunlight, a diverse climate, and unique desert living. With time to acclimate, all that can be a paradise, especially for the golden years of life. Maricopa is one of the many communities in Arizona blossoming around the state capital of Phoenix. An estimated 53,000 people now call Maricopa home, a population explosion since the turn of the century when the city held only 1,000 residents. Maricopa has stayed true to its small-town roots, providing a wonderful sense of camaraderie throughout the suburb. You won’t go too far without running into somebody familiar. And, being only 35 miles south of Phoenix, the big city life is never far away, either. For these reasons, Maricopa is one of our team’s favorite places to serve in the state of Arizona!


Ready to make your move? Call All My Sons Moving & Storage today! You ponder making Arizona your home. We’ll do all the worrying and will get you and your possessions there. With over 30 years of experience, we have reliable and highly-trained movers. We background-check and train continuously for safety and efficiency. Our expert movers are professional packers and can tackle difficult furniture like a piano, grandfather clock, or pool table. No matter how far you go, no matter what lifestyle you’re living, we’re ready to handle your belongings with class and care.


Moving From Maricopa to Phoenix

If you feel you’re ready to take on the big city, moving from Maricopa to Phoenix can be a difficult yet rewarding challenge. You’re leaving quiet desert living for a lifestyle much faster-paced and yet somehow slower. Although everything is connected by numerous highways and interstate, the traffic in Phoenix can be a frustrating daily venture. A twenty-minute trip can turn into an hour-and-a-half, bumper-to-bumper marathon, depending on the happenings around the city.

Speaking of happenings, you’ll love living in Phoenix if you’re a sports fan. The Phoenix Suns (basketball), Arizona Coyotes (hockey), Arizona Cardinals (football), and Arizona Diamondbacks (baseball) play their regular-season games in their respective sports right in the heart of downtown Phoenix. During the spring and summer, you’re never too far from a great night out at a ballgame. Maricopa has a softer pace to life, and entertainment opportunities are less vibrant than the big city vibrance of the Phoenix nightlife

If you’re moving from the smaller town of Maricopa to one of the largest metropolises in the nation, the odds are that you’ll need to downsize. Getting rid of old items you don’t need and clutter while you pack can help in a multitude of ways. It can make the job of your packers and movers from All My Sons Moving & Storage much easier. And it can get you into your new Phoenix digs feeling refreshed with a more minimalistic approach.

Moving within Phoenix, depending on the time of year and weather conditions, can be a painstaking task. With the hot desert climate, things can get pretty sticky. Luckily, our team of professional movers knows how to combat the elements and execute a stress-free move.


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With the expert team at All My Sons Moving & Storage, moving anywhere is made easy when our Maricopa movers pack, load, and transport your belongings. Our Phoenix packing services provide professional packing supplies to ensure the safe transportation of your items. With our services, you always get the appropriate amount of packing supplies. Our team will arrive at your home with all of the necessary packing materials. Our moving equipment includes cardboard boxes, wardrobe boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, moving dollies, and more!


Get your move scheduled and booked with All My Sons Moving & Storage. Our movers in Maricopa will work with you to meet your timeline and budget. Our professionals are here to deliver an excellent moving experience, so you can focus on exploring your new home. Contact us today to receive a free, no-obligation quote.