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Places to Hide Away from the Phoenix Heat

So, you just moved to the aptly named Valley of the Sun.

Maybe you made your move to Phoenix during the brutal Arizona summer. You knew it would be hot, but this hot? You did not prepare. That’s why our Phoenix movers want you to know about a few great places to hide away from that Arizona dry heat. Just because you live in the Valley of the Sun doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a bit of shade every once in a while.


Oasis Water Park at the Arizona Grand Resort

Yes—this waterpark is located in a hotel. Don’t cast it off too quickly, though. After a stressful move to Phoenix, a night away may be just what you need, especially when your new home is still in disarray. The Oasis Water Park was voted into the top 10 waterparks in the country by Travel Channel. Though you do need to be a guest of the resort to partake, if you decide against booking a weekend getaway, the hotel occasionally offers passes to non-guests. Keep an eye out for those.

Our Phoenix local movers want you to know that this waterpark is an incredible way for the entire family to beat the heat. It has three eight-story slides, a giant hot tub, a splash pad for the kids, and a bar and grill for the adults. Take a break from moving and the heat, grab a tube, and travel along their winding lazy river.


Rattlesnake Cove

For those who are looking for a less expensive, more natural day out in Phoenix, Rattlesnake Cove is an ideal fit. This little haven is one of the most beautiful in Arizona, known for its swimming holes. Only $6 per vehicle, pack up the van with some swimming essentials and head to the cove for an inexpensive yet memorable day. Don’t forget to bring burgers and hot dogs, too, because Rattlesnake Cove also has grills for its guests.


Lower Salt River

If you’re torn between the adventure of the Oasis Water Park and the nature of Rattlesnake Cove, your Phoenix movers recommend the Lower Salt River. Located near Mesa, this river is anything but lazy. Calling all the thrill-seekers and nature-lovers, the Lower Salt River is a destination for tubing. At $15 a day, escaping the heat here is a smart way to include even the teens and young adults in the family.


Cartel Coffee Lab

Maybe you just want to sit and relax, though, and preferably in a cool spot which isn’t covered in cardboard boxes. The Cartel Coffee Lab is a trending local business in Phoenix, serving the area’s best espresso drinks. Bring a book, a game, or just yourself to sit and soak in the fresh air-conditioning, all while supporting your new hometown.


Arizona may be stiflingly hot at times, but it has more than enough niche places to cool off at after your move to Phoenix. And remember, as the saying goes, “You don’t have to shovel sunshine!”