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Moving with Children

With your upcoming move to Phoenix, your plate is full of a large number of relocation tasks before the big day. Such tasks may include booking professional movers, updating your address with the local post office, scheduling installation of a new home security system and so on. Completing all these tasks can be a huge disruption to your normal routine, resulting in elevated stress levels. This is no surprise as moving is the third most stressful life event after death and divorce.[1] Amongst the chaos of it all, you may not realize your children can be stressed as well due to the sudden change of their environment. Our Phoenix movers have your back as we can tell you more about moving with children.


Preparing for the Big Day

If handled properly, moving with children isn’t as hard as it sounds. First, hold a family meeting weeks before moving to Phoenix to fill the children in on the process. Giving a detailed description of the move will reduce the chances of the kids misbehaving because they won’t feel caught off-guard. During the meeting, show them pictures of the new home and their room so it won’t seem like such a strange place to them when they arrive. Plan out a day of fun activities as a reward for good behavior with the little ones after relocating to help them feel optimistic about the move to Phoenix.


Once they know what their new room is like, sit down with the children to plan out the décor for their new room. Pick out some décor like lighting, rugs, curtains, posters, bean bags, or bedding in their favorite colors or featuring their favorite characters to get them excited about the move.


The Big Day

Now that moving day has finally arrived, our expert movers advise paying careful attention to the children’s behavior while watching out for triggers. When our Phoenix residential movers finally arrive, introduce them to the kids so they seem more like friends and less like strangers. The professional movers of All My Sons Moving & Storage Phoenix know about the stress when moving with children, so a simple conversation can soothe the children’s nerves.


While our expert movers are meticulously packing your valuables as part of our Phoenix packing services, designate an area in the home to keep the children away from the chaos. Keep them preoccupied with their favorite items like coloring books, picture books, card games, toys, and mobile tablets to watch their favorite TV shows and movies.


After the Move to Phoenix

Once you’ve fully moved in, fulfill the day of fun activities you promised the children and take a tour around town. Not only will they have fun going to various, fun venues and put your children in a good mood, but it’s also a great way for them to familiarize themselves with the town. Afterward, introduce the children to their new neighbors to get to know those who live in the area. You never know; these very same neighbors may have children of their own for the kids to befriend.


Our Movers Are with Every Step of the Way

Before you shop for reliable movers to help you move into your new home, contact our Phoenix movers for a stress-free move. We provide affordable relocation packages along with exceptional customer care, so you won’t regret making our Arizona movers your first-choice in relocation services. Contact us today for your free, no-obligation quote.




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