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Moving on a Budget With Phoenix Movers

While you’re planning your move to Phoenix, you’re trying to figure everything out such as finding reliable Phoenix relocation services, packing supplies, and summing up the total finances of your move. Once you see the cost of the move in total, you may experience a sinking feeling, especially if you’re planning a DIY move to Phoenix. There’s nothing to worry about, though, because our Phoenix movers are here to share some money-saving tips for your move. If you’re not able to move on your own, you can always hire our Arizona movers to help you relocate hassle-free and on-schedule.

Don’t Buy Boxes

When moving on a budget, don’t buy boxes. That’s right – don’t shop for boxes to pack you belongings. There are plenty of boxes at your disposal, if you just ask. Stop by places of interest such as liquor stores and supermarkets for free boxes. Most of their inventory is delivered in boxes, so it seems like these stores have an endless supply of boxes. If you have drinking glasses, then you’ll especially love the boxes from the liquor store since they come sectioned inside.

Besides using boxes to pack your belongings, try out other alternatives such as suitcases. You can pack your luggage with clothes and linens to reduce the number of boxes you need while also saving money. Other substitutes for boxes include clothing hampers as well as dresser drawers. If you don’t have time to pack your belongings, you can always opt for our Phoenix packing services. We not only save you time in packing, but we also save you money in packing supplies.

Relocate Off-Season

Since most folks are reluctant to move during the fall or winter months, this is the perfect time to relocate when moving on a budget. Around this time, people want to avoid moving in poor weather conditions and they don’t want to spend time relocating during the holiday season. Therefore, the average moving company in Phoenix won’t charge a high price during off-season. When you move to Phoenix with our Arizona movers during the off-season, you can save about thirty percent of the cost during the peak season.

Sort & Sift Through Your Belongings

Are you a pack rat? Do you have stacks of old magazines? What about that pile of tangled cables for phone chargers? Organize and pick the junk out of the belongings you need to move to lighten your load. The less stuff you must move, the fewer boxes you will need. Donate books to local schools and libraries as they always have a need for books.

Move on a Budget with Us!

When you select our Phoenix movers as your first-choice in relocation services, you’re sure t o receive customizable relocation packages at an affordable price. We take pride in working closely with our clients to make sure they’re within budget and all their relocation needs met. Call our moving company in Phoenix today for your free moving quote.