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10 Functional Decoration Ideas for Your Phoenix AZ Home

All My Sons moving company Phoenix, AZ has created this list of 10 functional decoration ideas for your Phoenix, AZ home. Smart storage solutions combined with trendy décor will transform your living space into a stylish and functional space. Use these solutions for the problem areas in your Phoenix, AZ home.

Uniform Shoe Storage

Get your footwear and closet organized by using uniform shoe storage. You should label each box with a photo of the enclosed pair. Gone are the days digging through a pile of mix-matched shoes.

Stylish Storage

You no longer have to hide storage containers under the bed or in the closet. Incorporate stylish storage bins into your décor. Laundry baskets can now add some style to your bedroom or bathroom, and you’ll never even know it’s holding your dirty clothes.

Don’t Forget About the Doors

An overlooked storage space, is the back of the doors. You can purchase over-the-door shoe storage, or hooks for hanging whatever you want.

Label Storage Bins

Our moving company Phoenix, AZ suggests using labels for your storage bins. The labels let you and your family members know exactly where everything goes. You can use chalkboard labels and get creative.

Glass-door Shelving

To keep your shelves under control and free of dust, use glass-door shelving. This is a good option for your Phoenix, AZ home, if you aren’t ready to go for completely open shelving.

Nightstand Storage

A nightstand with interior storage is the best way to keep the top of your nightstand free of clutter. If you choose a nightstand that doesn’t have as much storage space as you need, use decorative storage boxes to keep your things organized.

Maximize Vertical Space

A tip from our moving company Phoenix, AZ is to use the height of your home to your advantage. You can add bookshelves to your walls and use them as storage space. You aren’t taking up any square footage space by going up!

Use Wall Space

To maximize a small space, use the walls! Open shelves provide plenty of storage and force you to keep the space neat and organized. If you group like objects together, your space will look even more orderly.

Closet Within a Closet

Storage drawers can add a ton of organization to your closet space. You can use them in any closet throughout your house and use them keep all the small things organized. You can also pile things on top of the drawers to maximize the space.

Drawer Organizers

We all fall victim to the junk drawer. A tip from our Phoenix movers: use clear organizers to keep your junk drawer under control and you’ll never lose anything to that drawer again.