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Complete Packing Schedule from Your Phoenix Professional Packers

Whether it’s your first time doing it or your hundredth, moving is stressful. There’s an endless number of things to do and usually, it must be done in a short amount of time. However, planning can be the key to a successful move. The Phoenix professional packersof All My Sons Moving & Storage are firm believers in the concept of organization. Therefore, we’ve developed a complete packing schedule to save you from worrying unnecessarily. Follow these steps precisely to make your next move as efficient as it can possibly be.


Complete Packing Schedule


Two Months Before the Move in Date – Getting Organized for Your Move


Create an inventory of your belongings and a moving checklist to follow.

Sort through your possessions and decide what you will be keeping and what will have to be discarded.

Research movers and professional packers in Phoenix.


45 Days Before the Move in Date – Buy packing supplies| Make Important Calls| Declutter


Begin to purchase your packing supplies.

Get rid of unwanted items through donations or a yard sale.

Contact your child’s school and inform them that you will be moving.

Make subsequent calls to your doctor(s) and obtain your medical records.


30 days Before the Move in Date – Schedule Phoenix Movers | Start Packing | Transfer Services


After clearing your home of unwanted inventory, schedule a moving consultation with your Phoenix moving company and book them.  

Begin Packing non-essential items such as seasonal decorations and clothing, little used dishware, etc.

Contact your utility and cable providers. Inform them of your moving plans and schedule a transfer date so that you don’t incur any additional fees during your move.


3 Weeks Before the Move in Date – Start Cooking | More Packing


Consume perishable items in your refrigerator and freezer. These items will spoil during the moving process and take up valuable packing space.

Continue packing. Perform a room by room sweep and pack and label boxes with the contents of that room in particular.


2 Weeks Before the Move in Date – Start to Make Life Easier for Yourself | Confirm Your Moving Arrangement


Begin cleaning your home and if possible, the home you’re about to move into. By now, both places should be relatively empty and free of clutter. This is the best time to tidy up.

Pack an essentials box with your important documents and the items you’ll need for the first couple of nights in the box and label it. This will be the box you live from while you unpack your new home.

Confirm the date and time you’ve booked with your Phoenix professional packers. Make sure that everything is on schedule and ask questions about anything that hasn’t been made clear already.


1 Week Before the Move in Date – Last Minute Sweep | Take Care of Pets


By now, everything should be completed. Check each room to make sure that nothing has been missed.

Make transportation arrangements for your pets.

Perform any last-minute maintenance on your vehicle.



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