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Best Apps for Your Move to Phoenix

Now that you’ve made the decision to move to Phoenix, whether it’s due to family circumstances or job-related, it’s time to start preparing for the move. Such preparations may include booking professional movers, updating your address with various places of importance, scheduling a Wi-Fi or cable installation, and so on. Have you considered using mobile apps to help make the move easier? The Phoenix movers All My Sons Moving & Storage are happy to list the best apps for a move to Phoenix.



If you’re still unsure where you’ll be living in Phoenix, download Zillow onto your smartphone.[1]This app lets users look through thousands of rental and “for sale” listings from across the nation while helping them narrow down their choice. Besides offering resources like current mortgage rates, Zillow also features real-time walkthroughs of prospective neighborhoods, giving you the overall feel of the area.



Once you’ve decided on your new home in Phoenix, plan where furniture will be arranged in advance with Magicplan[2]With Magicplan open on your mobile device, it records the dimensions of the home as you walk around in order to recreate the floorplan in augmented reality so you can virtually try different furniture configurations until you find one you’re satisfied with before the movers even arrive. Along with floorplan design, this app features virtual tours, 3D models, and a material and cost estimator, making it one of the best apps for a move to Phoenix.



Packing isn’t the most fun task out there and no one looks forward to it. Install Sortly[3]to simplify the packing process. Sortly makes it easier by allowing users to catalogue items by room and create labels for packing boxes.

If Sortly doesn’t do it for your, you can always opt for our Phoenix packing services as a second option. Our Phoenix movers will take the boring task of packing off your hands, using expertise and quality packing materials.


Uber Eats

Preparing a move to Phoenix can leave you famished. You might consider cooking, but your kitchenware is already packed away. You might want to drive to your favorite local restaurant, but our Phoenix auto movers are already on their way to the new home with your car securely hitched to the auto transport truck. All that’s left is delivery, so add Uber Eats to your arsenal of best apps for your move to Phoenix. By using this app, you’re able to have freshly-prepared food delivered to your door in no time. 


Stress-Free Moving with the Experts

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