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List of Basic Packing Supplies You Should Own

Whenever you’re moving, there are certain basic packing supplies that you’ll need to have on hand no matter what. Regardless of if you’re moving locally or long-distance, packing an apartment or a large home, you’ll always need the essentials. Below is a list of the basic packing supplies used by the All My Sons professional movers in Phoenix, AZ.  

Must-Have Basic Moving and Packing Supplies


Anytime you hire professional movers in Phoenix, AZ, expect them to show up with moving boxes of varying sizes. The size of the moving box serves a specific purpose and is designed to carry weight accordingly. Moving boxes can be purchased as follows:

Small boxes – Used for heavy and fragile items.

Medium boxes – Best for carrying appliances and electronic devices.

Large boxes – Used for appliances, clothing and other lightweight items.

Extra-large boxes – Used primarily for carrying comforters and other bedding.

Divided boxes – These are great for dish and glassware.

Plastic bins – An alternative to cardboard boxes, they’re a great eco-friendly packing product that can be reused as storage after unpacking.

Packaging Tape (Shipping tape, duct tape, masking tape)


Box cutters

Sticker labels

Sharpies/Permanent Markers

Filler material (Bubble wrap, Packing paper, newspaper)

Hand truck or dolly

Heavy duty gloves


Other Basic Packing Supplies (Non-Essential)


All My Sons Movers in Phoenix, AZ will sometimes use other packing supplies depending on the circumstances of the move. If you’re packing your own belongings, you may or may not require these items. However, it’s always best to be informed about the possible packing products you should keep on hand, rather than to need them and be unaware of their purposes. These items include:

Rope, twine, tie-downs, and bungee cords - These products are perfect for securing furniture and keeping them from being damaged. Polypropylene is the best rope to use for packing, because it is an inexpensive material strong enough to handle your moving needs. It usually comes in the form of a bright yellow, twisted rope that is about 1/3 of an inch in thickness, making it easy to cut, tie and untie.

Moving blankets (also known as furniture pads) –  These are used by movers in Phoenix, AZ to wrap and protect furniture from being damaged during transport. Typically, a mover will use rubber bands to keep the furniture pad securely around the furniture.

Felt pads – This product is ideal for moving furniture across hard floor surfaces such as hardwood, linoleum, ceramic tile and marble. This prevents the furniture from being damaged and the floor’s surface from being scratched or scuffed.

For information on where to purchase packing supplies in Phoenix or for assistance with your next move, contact the All My Sons Moving & Storage professionals today at 602-281-1141!


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