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All About Phoenix Moving Insurance

Purchasing moving insurance can be a smart investment that literally pays off. We have all been to a nice restaurant where you suddenly hear a loud crash because somebody dropped a tray of food or glasses. Even the best of restaurants in your area have accidents and the same goes for your Phoenix relocation services. When it comes to moving, you are so worried about packing, not forgetting everything, and making sure the new home is ready for your arrival that you may forget to purchase moving insurance. You can wave it off like many people do when it comes to insurance, but you may end up regretting it.

At All My Sons Moving & Storage, our Phoenix full-service movers want to tell you everything you need to know about finding the best moving insurance for you.


Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Moving Damages?

It is rare that your homeowner’s insurance will cover damages that occur while moving. On the off chance that it does, it will probably not be good coverage. Before you decide to purchase moving insurance, check your homeowner’s policy first just to make sure.


Moving Insurance Coverage Options

Every moving company is required by law to carry moving insurance coverage for up to 60 cents per pound. If the company you are working with does not have this insurance, it is breaking the law. While this coverage is already built in and costs you nothing extra, it will do little to help if something more expensive is damaged. You will have to eat the cost of most of the damage yourself in order to replace it.

If your move to Phoenix involves even a few pricey items, you will want to look in to better insurance coverage. If you are looking for Phoenix corporate movers to move those expensive computer monitors or other electronic equipment, you will certainly want to purchase moving insurance. We offer additional coverage options at All My Sons Moving & Storage Phoenix.

Phoenix movers may have their own levels of coverage for moving insurance. Full replacement value protection, which is basically exactly what it sounds like, is also required by law, but it must be purchased. At All My Sons Moving & Storage Phoenix, you can either choose to insure a few of your pricier items or do a lump coverage for all of your items. You will want to read over the details to determine which coverage is the best for you.


Third-Party Coverage

If you are looking for a different level of coverage, you can look in to a third-party provider. There are numerous sources out there with various levels of coverage. Just make sure you read the fine print before signing on the dotted line as not all of these companies may be the most reputable.

Overall, purchasing moving insurance can end up saving you a lot of money in the long run. If the item is important enough to take with you on your move, it is probably also important enough to be insured. Do your research. At All My Sons Moving & Storage Phoenix, we will help you find the best insurance for you.