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How to Tip Your Birmingham Movers

Money matters—make your tip count when your mover goes to count it.

The world of tips is difficult to navigate sometimes. Do you give 15% or 20%? What do you do if the person does a poor job? What do you do if the person goes way above and beyond? The service industry is plagued by questions like these. Your movers are not expecting a tip; they are providing a service with the best care possible, regardless of a tip.

Even so, in service industries, it’s best to recognize a job done well so that the workers feel appreciated and the quality of the service remains excellent. Our Birmingham moving company recommends tipping your movers after your move to Birmingham, and has the details on how to tip your movers.

Why should I tip my movers?

Have you ever done something nice for someone who didn’t even thank you in return? Sometimes, those who work in service industries can feel this way. If your movers relocate you in a timely manner with premier customer service, then recognize them for that. Your movers will feel appreciated for all the hard work they’ve done.

How much money should I tip my movers?

Though tips aren’t necessary, there are common standards for how to tip your movers and the amount you should give. For a half-day move to Birmingham, tip around $10 for each movers. For a full-day, tip $20. Don’t feel attached to these amounts, though; these are just the averages. If your movers did an even better job than you can imagine, don’t be afraid to give more. They definitely won’t have a problem with that!

How should I tip my movers?

Tipping your movers can be tricky when you’re trying to figure out who to give the money to and when you should do it. A great rule of thumb for how to tip your movers: pay each mover directly. In most cases, giving each mover their own tip after the process is completed works out well, but you can pay them beforehand, too. Whenever you decide to tip them, just make sure that each of the tips make it into the hands of each of the movers.

Is there anything else I can do for my movers, besides tipping them?

Yes—there is so much that will be appreciated by your movers which doesn’t involve money at all. Your Alabama moving company suggests taking food preferences and providing your movers with lunch. An easy way to do this is to buy some sandwich bread, lunch meats, and chips. Everyone likes a good sandwich, especially during a tiring move. Don’t forget to keep a cooler stocked with drinks like waters, sports drinks, sodas, and iced coffees to fuel and hydrate your movers.

Your movers exist to make your move to Birmingham as stress-free and enjoyable as possible, so why not make moving less difficult and more pleasant for them, too. They will provide you with generous customer service, so repay them with a generous tip.