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Move to Birmingham with Less Stress

Moving is generally a hectic and stressful time, but it doesn't have to get the best of you. Here at your friendly Birmingham movers we wanted to share a few of our expert tips on moving without letting stress or overwhelming anxiety get in the way of your productivity. Read on to learn some of our tried & true tips for moving with less stress.

How to Reduce Stress While Moving

1. Make A List. Writing down everything that needs to be done may seem daunting, but you will actually feel relief once you start ticking away at the tasks completed. This will also prevent anything important from slipping through that cracks. Be sure to include any relevant or vital dates alongside things that must be done if they are particularly time sensitive.

2. Have supplies on hand.
Start packing at your leisure. Store out of season items into boxes so they are out of the way and ready to go, as you likely will not be needing them any time soon. Don't forget packing tape, Sharpies for labeling boxes, and padding for packing away valuables.

3. We're going to reiterate on the Sharpies. Labeling is your best friend in an organized move! Don't think it's overkill--when the time comes for you to search for something specific you will be grateful you wrote down what is where.

4. De-clutter. In the process of packing you should come across things that aren't going to come with you. Don't get overly sentimental with items! Donate things that are just taking up your storage space to people who may actually get use/wear out of them.

5. Pack a suitcase. Aside from your general packing, you need to pack a carry on bag with your first night essentials and planned clothing for a few days. In case you don't get everything unpacked right away, you'll have some clothes and essential basics to hold you over.

6. Hire movers sooner rather than later. Like any other business, moving goes through seasons. If you plan to move over a holiday, in the summer, or during another peak time, you want to make sure the movers are booked and ready to avoid last minute stressors such as...lack of a moving truck/crew.

7. Ask for help. Friends and family can be quite helpful when it comes time to move, and you can try to make it fun by providing refreshments and snacks and treating everyone to a homecooked meal afterwards. Get creative and be thankful!

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