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Secrets of Birmingham Alabama

Sure, you have done your research before you made the decision to move to Birmingham Alabama, but how much do you know about the city you now call home? Birmingham is the largest city in Alabama and was founded in 1871 during the post-civil war reconstruction period. In the 1950s and 1960s, it received national attention as the center of the civil rights struggle for African-Americans. With such a rich history and background it is no wonder Birmingham is home to quite a few secrets that may not be aware to the general public. Local Birmingham moving company is very familiar with life in Birmingham, maybe even too familiar. Here is All My Sons of Birmingham’s list of secret things you probably didn’t know Birmingham kept.

  1. Lady Liberty- Who says you need to go to New York to see the Statue of Liberty. A large scale State of liberty can be found in the urban center off interstate 459 in Birmingham. The statue is one-fifth the size of the New Yorker Liberty Statue, it is still larger than the one that resides in France.

  2. The creepiest fountain in the world will tell you a tale- There is a fountain sculpture of a man with a head of a ram who sits upright on a stone tree trunk, located in Five Points, reads to a group of gathering animals.  The statue has become known as the Satanic Fountain that no one really seems to know anything about.

The statue seems odd in a city so heavily influenced by Baptist and religious heritages. Rumors swirl that the fountain was created based on urban legends from Birmingham, but all inquiries have led to dead ends or denied by the artist.

3. A bookstore with hidden treasures- All major cities have their hidden gems that aren’t so easy to stumble across. Birmingham is no exception and Reed Book Store is that place in Birmingham.

Local Birmingham movers love the mysterious part bookstore, part antique shop, part museum. Everywhere you look in the store, you will uncover fascinating discoveries. The owner strives to make the place an experience in itself.

4. The Zeppelin Landing mast- The now vacant Leer Tower used to be known as the Thomas Jefferson Hotel, with 350 rooms that was once a hot spot for celebrities and VIP visitors. The once booming hotel has one of the last mooring mast for zeppelins.

Even though all attempts to restore the building have fallen through since it was deemed uninhabitable, if a zeppelin happens to cross the city, the hotel can accommodate a place for it to land.

5. The “glamorous” Birmingham cave of the 1930s- It is hard to believe that the dilapidated and creepy Bangor cave was once a booming speakeasy where orchestras echoed through the night air while patrons secretly sipped champagne and smoked cigars in the light of the night.

After numerous raids, the speakeasy closed but Birmingham moving company recommends that you tour the Gatsby-esque legendary speakeasy.