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Why It’s Important to Research Your Movers

How to Research Moving Companies

Before you decide which moving company to hire for your move to Birmingham, you should do some research to make sure that they are not only reputable but highly-rated and trusted by the residents in the area. Our movers in Birmingham discuss questions you should ask moving companies and why it’s important to research your movers.

Read Reviews

The internet is a great place to start your investigation. As you research different movers, pay attention to the reviews people leave online. Many will write about their past experiences in full detail, especially if they were very unhappy. Don’t just limit your research to reviews on Google but browse the company’s Facebook page, Yelp listing, and other directories as well.  

Visit Their Website

When you begin to research your movers, pay close attention to the details on their website. A proper moving company should have a phone number listed, testimonials from past customers and the list of services with details about what that service includes and how it would be organized. Many fake movers do not even have a moving website, these are the people you need to avoid! A bonus tip: check to see if their website is secure by looking at the URL, especially if you are paying with a debit or credit card online. A secure website’s URL will start with https:// before the domain.

Insurance and Registration

Moving insurance can come in handy if your items are damaged at some point in the moving process. Moving is not a flawless process; sometimes boxes may be squished or dropped, damaging your household items. Talk to the moving companies themselves to inquire about their insurance and liability options. Reputable moving companies will not hesitate to provide the information you ask for and will clarify if you don’t understand. Transparency is a good indicator of a legitimate, trusted moving company. By properly researching moving companies, you can fake or fraudulent moving companies that do not know how to handle household items and won’t be liable if something is damaged in the process.

Moving companies are required to register with the Department of Transportation in the states they service and are issued a DOT number. Reputable moving companies will usually display their DOT number at all of their locations as well as their vehicles. Many moving companies out there are trying to make money without the proper registration numbers – these are the movers you should avoid.

What Happens When You Don’t Research Your Movers?

When you don’t research the moving company you are hiring, you never know what could go wrong. You might be working with a company that isn’t legitimate and charges an insane amount of money. You wouldn’t buy a car without thoroughly researching the specifics, right?

Researching potential moving companies is a great way to understand all the options available to you, allowing you to compare the range of services and what they cost from one moving company to the next.

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