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Relocating an Office to Birmingham

Getting Down To Business Without The Stress

Whether you own a business, or your office is about to undergo a move, there are certain measures that must be taken that are significantly different than that of moving a residence. If you are moving your business office to Birmingham and think that it is only slightly more complicated than moving a residence, you are not going to be prepared. All My Sons Moving & Storage has been moving businesses and offices to and from Birmingham for over 20 years, and has all of the tips and tools you need in order to have a stress-free office move.

Choose a Time Frame and Schedule

When relocating an office to Birmingham, the very first thing that your business should determine is time. Once you have your moving date all set and coordinated, you can then plan out the scheduling for everything that needs to be done. Top professional office movers in Birmingham will tell you to plan your office move backwards, making sure that all important items that need to be moved last are not packed, and making sure that your destination location is ready for your arrival.

The Floorplan Is Everything

A major part of your planning should also be creating a floorplan for where all of your office equipment will be placed in your new location. If you do not take into account space and take measurements, you may move into an office that does not fit your equipment and leave you scrambling to find another place, as well as paying double for moving services. Outline where each person will sit, the setup of the room, desks, cubicles, copy machine, etc. The more detailed of a floorplan and layout for your new office, the better off your move will be, as well as your employees.

Check The Utilities

After your new location has been determined, as time frame for moving has been set, and your layout has been created, make sure to double check your utilities and services. Make sure that the address can be transferred, and that there will not be a gap in service while moving your office to Birmingham.

Assign Tasks

If you are moving your office to Birmingham and you are a relatively small company, you may want to assign each employee a task so that everyone does not get overwhelmed and can help you complete the move more easily.  If you own a large corporation and you are relocating your headquarters to the City of Birmingham, you will most likely assign a moving committee to plan and carry out all moving tasks for your company. In the event that you do assign a moving committee, you will want to set up an internal and external communications plan to ensure that employees are kept in the loop of the entire process and schedule (internal), as well as keep your clients and suppliers up-to-date (external).

Trust The Professionals

The easiest way to complete any office move, business relocation, or corporate relocation, is by hiring professional movers and packers. Depending on the office movers you hire, some will simply pack, load, transport, and unload all of your office belongings; however, full-service, white-glove office movers like All My Sons Moving & Storage will coordinate with your moving coordination team to not only pack, but execute your office move in the most time efficient manner possible, causing little disruption to your daily business functions. A full-service office mover in Birmingham will disassemble all office equipment, package all materials, digitally log the inventory, transport, and reassemble all of your office equipment, as you would like. 

A Moving Company That's Part Of The Community

Whether you are moving out or moving in, All My Sons Moving & Storage is ready to help you make it as easy and stress-free as possible. Contact us for your free, no-obligation quote today!