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Planning Your Move to Birmingham

When you picture your moving day, what do you worry about most? The answer to this question varies from person to person; for that matter, during your move your answer can vary from phase to phase. Let’s face it, there is nothing fun about moving aside from picking out your new place and celebrating after your relocation is over and done with –finally! Lifting heavy furniture may top your list of “least favorite moving tasks” along with packing and unpacking boxes. Granted, moving is not the most fun experience, but if you spend time you should use to plan your move dreading the inevitable moving day, you really will have a miserable experience. Planning for a successful move day is easy, and when you break everything down into simple steps, you begin to realize that your moving day won’t be so dreadful after all! For your Birmingham move, you should have a few goals in mind; spend as little money as possible on your move, adhere to any deadlines relevant to your move, and not breaking anything! Your hierarchy of moving objectives may go on but should at least include these three goals. Achieving moving day success is easy if you plan accordingly. Take these moving tips as food for thought so that you can put together your moving plans quickly and more effectively.

How to Plan a Move to Birmingham

  • Saving money on your move is probably the most important goal you have in mind when it comes to relocating to your new home. So how do you save money on your move? When you think about hiring professional Birmingham movers, you may fear a sky-high bill to come along with the relocation services. However, hiring the right mover may be the ticket to an affordable move! If you have been living in your home for several years, you should strongly consider packing your own boxes to dramatically shave time off of your moving crew’s completion time –you will be paying for their time, so the less time the better! Furthermore; hire a mover based on their reputation and credentials. Don’t hire the Birmingham moving company with the lowest hourly rates; hire the mover with the best reviews and most skilled employees on staff. “Cheap” movers come along with a low-quality service, which can end up costing you a lot of money and frustration when all is said and done.
  • Time is an important factor during your move as well, especially if you are moving out of an apartment. The best way to ensure an on-time move-out from your current home is to start packing and preparing well in advance of the big day; this means hiring your movers in advance so that you know they will be there on your moving day. Pack and label your boxes well, and keep in mind that you or your mover will have to physically lift these boxes; don’t pack too much into one box! The more organized you are with your packing, the easier your unpacking tasks will be for you. It is highly suggested that you pack all of your most important items into a box that you will unpack first. Packing essentials together will allow you to gradually unpack the rest of your boxes at your new home; many people who move tend to take their time unpacking if for no other reason to relax after an exhausting moving day.
  • Keeping your nice stuff in good, undamaged condition is very important, and picturing your moving day can include horrific visions of smashed plasma TVs and holes in walls. However; safety during your move is very much achievable if you plan effectively. The best way to accomplish an accident-free move is by hiring professional movers who are licensed and insured, and thoroughly explaining your moving needs to them so that they are sure to come with the most appropriate moving crew –you may even want to consider scheduling an initial in-home estimate so that your mover knows exactly what you need!
You know your moving needs better than anybody else. So use that knowledge to your advantage and compile a master moving game plan. Moving is simple. When it comes to your relocation needs and preparing for your move day, you should make this your mantra: Do not dread, plan instead! To better plan ahead, contact us today for a free moving estimate.