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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Moms Who Like to Cook

May turns out to be a great month to move during; the weather is not too cold and not too hot. However, don’t get so caught up in moving, that you forget to honor that special woman in your life – on Mother’s Day. Birmingham movers want families to enjoy moving, and what better way to keep mom happy during the moving process, than by giving her a gift for her (and your) new home. A lot of times, moving out of a home and into a new home, can mean a lot of pizza, soda, and Chinese food. But, if your mom is the kind who never lets you go without a good, home cooked meal, these Mother’s Day gifts are thoughtful and perfect for moms who like to cook.

Mother's Day in Birmingham

1) Pedestal – after trusted Birmingham local movers move you into your new home, giving your mom the gift of a beautiful ceramic or glass pedestal is one that will remind her just how thoughtful you are; after all, it is her special day. Cake and/or fruit pedestals are perfect if your new home has a kitchen island – for mom to display her amazing desserts – your favorite afternoon snacks!

2) Serving set – encourage mom to ditch her old serving spoons and spatulas before the big move, and surprise her with a beautiful new set, complete with a standing counter holder. So that once the family is all settled, she can serve up her delectable dinners with new utensils.

3) Wine pairing set – even if mom does not like to drink wine, but hosts the occasional dinner party where grandma and grandpa prefer a glass of vino, help her be able to decide between serving red or white wine with her dinner creation – by giving her the gift of a wine-pairing towel set. Wine-pairing towel sets can be found at
uncommongoods.com and can teach mom everything she needs to know about what wine is proper to pair with which dish.

4) Pasta – the only food item on our list, every mom loves pasta…especially if she’s cooking for the family. The best part about this gift – you can visit
sfoglini.com and get mom the Mother’s Day gift that keeps on giving – pasta delivery for six months!

5) Meal ideas – moms who like to cook are constantly searching for new recipe ideas; whether it be on Pinterest or in cook books. Get creative and give mom the gift of a food magazine subscription – like
Food & Wine, Cooking Light, or Bon Appetit.

6) Go green – is your mom a health conscious, energy saving mom who likes to cook? If so, she might shed a tear at the gift of an eco-friendly saute pan that’s great for low-fat cooking – like Martha Stewart’s 8 in. ceramic nonstick fry pan found at Macy’s. 

Don't let mom be forgotten when moving this Mother's Day, surprise her with one of these very special gifts we can assure you she will absolutely love! After that, you can call us at All My Sons Moving & Storage to receive a free, no-obligation quote.