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Dangers of Walking Away from a Mortgage

Some homeowners who are underwater are turning to strategic defaults where they just walk away from a mortgage debt. But financial experts are saying that that can be dangerous such as the possibility of the bank obtaining a judgment to pursue the homeowner’s assets like bank accounts, cars and investments.

Why You Shouldn't Evade A Mortgage Debt

Another problem, the Birmingham movers found out is a wrecked credit. A foreclosure damages a person’s credit score and remains on a credit report up to seven years. The taxes on your property are still due. Even though the Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act of 2007 offers protection from federal taxes after foreclosure through 2012, state taxes still may be due on unpaid debt.

Deficiency judgment is also another danger of walking away from a mortgage. A lender can pursue the remaining debt from an unpaid loan by getting a deficiency judgment against the borrower or may work with a collection agency to recoup losses.

Walking away from a mortgage is less risky in some sates than other. Nonrecourse laws protect individuals in certain states. According to research from the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, the 11 nonrecourse states include Alaska, Arizona, California, Iowa, Minnesota, Montana, north Carolina, North Dakota, Oregon, Washington and Wisconsin. In these states, the lender can take the home through a foreclosure but doesn’t have the right to any other borrower assets.

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