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How to Deal with a Bad Moving Company

When the day comes that you and your family make the decision to move to a new city or state, you’ll need a moving company you can trust. There are many movers in Birmingham, AL to choose from. Make sure you start early and do your research. It is always best to research at least three local moving companies and get estimates from each of them.

Never settle for an estimate given over the phone and steer clear of movers who will not send a representative to your home for an in person estimate of your moving needs. One of biggest mistakes homeowners make when hiring a mover is not spending enough time on research and failing to get a written moving quote after an in-home estimate. The result can be working with low quality movers that are dangerous for both your wallet and your belongings. Often these moving companies jack up the prices when they get to your home on moving day and you are left with no other choice but to pay them.

Signs of a Bad Moving Company

All My Sons Moving & Storage hopes that you never have to deal with the horrors of having to deal with a bad moving company. But if you do, we hope that the following tips are more than helpful to getting the issue resolved.

Call the company and try and work out the issue. Ask for a manager and see if the issue can be resolved. Many moving companies have a customer service line or a corporate headquarters number that you can look up online and call to seek a resolution. Though this tip may seem obvious, many homeowners skip this step and start filing complaints without trying to resolve the issue. You always want to give the company a chance to rectify the situation and get you the refund you deserve. See if the local office will help you first, if not, try the corporate headquarters. If the company is unwilling to work with you, that’s when you start taking further action.

Reporting a Bad Moving Company

Reach out to a third-party company like the BBB or Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to file a complaint with the business. This will hurt the company’s rating with those organizations and potential for gaining new customers.

Make your moving issue publicly known. In today’s Internet world and with the popularity of social media, it is easy to tell the world your complaint and about your experience. A tip from our professional Birmingham movers is to tweet at the company on Twitter. Anything you tweet at a company on Twitter can be seen by their followers and is bad for business. Thus, they are likely to assuage the issue rather than have it hashed out in public. You can also write a negative review on the company’s Facebook page and places like Yelp. If you think the movers are a threat to your community, you should contact local news media outlets and see if they will report your story to the public.

 If none of the above steps work out in your favor and the moving company you are working with still does not work with you to resolve the problem, you should seek legal advice. Many homeowners avoid taking legal action because of the time and effort that goes into making a case. But perseverance can help you get the result that you want, hold the mover accountable, and hopefully stop them from committing moving fraud against someone else.

Don’t fall victim to fraudulent movers; do your research and find the best local Birmingham moving company to move your belongings. After all, moving your home is like moving your life, so make sure that your life is in good hands. Contact us today for a free moving estimate.