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Green Practices to Take on in Birmingham

As we enter a new year, you are likely setting resolutions and goals for the year to come. Here at the Birmingham local movers, we want to help you realize some changes you can make right here in our beloved city to have a greener and more environmentally conscious year. Read our tips on how you can engage more with the community, cut home energy costs, recycle, and be a better citizen of the planet.

Buy local. Clothing, furniture, food—whatever it is, try and source items from nearby companies and providers and boost the local economy while helping local businesses to thrive.

Research your solar options. Get a free analysis on your home and see if you are a candidate for solar energy panels. There is still legislation in place that can make the switch to solar a great tax incentive.

Stop getting paper OR plastic. Reusable totes and bags are an easy and environmentally friendly way to haul your groceries. Some stores offer discounts for shoppers who bring their own bag, not to mention you will help lessen the amount of plastic and paper in our landfills. This is continually gaining in popularity, and some cities do not allow the distribution of bags, requiring you to bring your own.

Use all natural cleaning solutions and products. Household cleaners can be some of the most poisonous and toxic products of all. Try to keep these items at a minimum in your home.

Create a garden. What’s more local than sourcing fruits, veggies, and herbs from your own backyard? Set aside a plot of land where you can plant some seeds and cultivate a garden. Start with herbs if you are new to gardening then expand into foods you buy constantly.

Think beyond garbage recycling. While it is great to recycle your trash, you can recycle much more than that. Manufacturers continue to work with governments and retailers to expand take-back options for consumers’ unwanted medications, electronics, fluorescent bulbs, mattresses and more. Find regional listings of locations at takeitbacknetwork.org and takebackyourmeds.org. Using these sites helps cuts down on the overall amount of discarded items, meaning there is less buildup in landfills.

Use your smart phone to get, well, smarter. If you use a smartphone, pick at least one new app in 2014 to reduce your environmental impact and save time or money. Search online for “green apps” to find the latest, or grab an old favorite like locally-based (and free) One Bus Away (onebusaway.org).

Swap out light bulbs. Using modern high efficiency LED bulbs is something you should incorporate into your home, especially as many incandescent bulbs are getting phased out in 2014.

There you have it! A few tips from your friends at the Birmingham movers on how you can make Birmingham a greener place next year.