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All About Helena, Alabama

Helena, Alabama is a small suburb located outside of Birmingham. It is rated among the safest places to live in America, as it has the eighth lowest crime rate in the nation. It is highly regarded as a place to live and raise children, as it was ranked the 13th best place in the nation to raise a family. On top of this, it was ranked the 91st best place to live. Overall, it would seem that Helena is a pretty great place to live. This small town of less than 17,000 has gotten quite the recognition.

Helena is the safest city in Alabama. That is pretty impressive. Located just 21 miles from Birmingham, commuting to and fro is something that is extremely doable, and having the best of both of both worlds is more practical than you might think. Most of the jobs in Helena are mainly professional, service, and manufacturing jobs, so being able to look for jobs in a major city that is less than half an hour away is a major bonus. You have the benefits of raising your family in a small, close-knit, friendly town, while still having the benefits of being close to a bigger city. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Living near a big city offers numerous benefits, without having to be within the city limits and deal with city life. The biggest benefit would have to be the larger job market. In small towns it is no secret that jobs are limited. Not only are jobs limited, but there isn’t much to do in small towns. The entertainment world can lack quite a bit when there are only 17,000 people in your town. The beauty of living so close to Birmingham is that both of these problems are solved without too much effort. All it takes is a short commute to work, and a short commute for those nights that small town life just doesn’t cut it.

On the other hand, living in a big city can be extremely annoying in terms of traffic, and an overload of people. When living in a small town, this isn’t an issue, seeing as there are only 17,000 people in the town. Living in Helena and being so close to Birmingham really is one of the greatest combinations. Not only do you live in the safest town in Alabama, but all of the benefits and amenities of living in a big city are also yours. For anyone that wants this type of lifestyle, Helena is the place to be.